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GnuCash is a powerful, dynamic finance and accounting software for commercial and non commercial usage. It can be used for personal and professional purposes. As a freeware the product is extraordinary and exceptional as it encompasses all most all the functional capabilities that a paid license wire will provide to users.

The GnuCash has double entry system to enter any value inside the tool. Therefore, it always work with debit and credit particulars of accounting cycle and their difference  will reflect in users assets and liabilities value and will also show up in the income expenses literature.

Next the GnuCash offers checkbook registry system for financial transactions. As a result users can check the records and entries even from the credit card. The tool can split transactions and marks entries for reconciliation. The GnuCash program also has the auto fill option enabled. Users can have multiple accounts, each with a summary bar and customizable options.  

You can schedule the transactions using the GnuCash by fixing the timeline and the amounts with an automatic programmer. Even if you need to delay or postpone any scheduled recurrence you can do that too. The software remains highly flexible to support user needs.

The GnuCash’s is superb in terms of reporting capabilities. It can produce reports with graphical interpretation. This covers charts in bar, pie and the scattered plots. The reporting capability includes all the accounting modules of balance sheet, profit and loss account, income statement and etc. The software also includes some other modules from personal finance for reporting.

It will not be repetitive to restate that accounting with errors can result in serious problems for business and persons. And there is few ways to rectify unwanted errors. In accounting system we call it reconciliation. The GnuCash paid extra attention to reconciling the account statements. Users can compare bank statements for error and match their record book.

The GnuCash gives users greater control and customization opportunity. For this reason users are allow to moderate and modify the income and expense details and the property equity. The tool also includes some more dynamic and robust functional abilities. If you are using it for business purposes then GnuCash will fulfill all your requirements in of customer profiling, vendor detailing, job assigning, invoicing, billing, tax payment, payrolls, budget and receivables vs. payables estimation. In short, the software will power you with automated solution for entire financial and accounting management of your business.

Even if the above qualities and advantages of GnuCash do not please you, keep in mind that the software has more to offer. And this starts with its support for multiple currency system in financing and accounting system. Users can convert between the currencies. The programs web integration will allow you to collect and compile different stocks prices, quotes, bonds prices and mutual funds openings. So if you are engaged in stock market business, the tool will remain helpful to you.

The GnuCash is a program composed of extensive range of functions, capabilities and integration platform compatibility. Run the program on any operating system – it supports multiple languages and have strong transaction finder to make you find the right one for you. Generate reports using the tool and print them in both the hardcopy and softcopy. The tool has a powerful mortgage and loan repayment assistant that will rightly guide you in making any loan or mortgage decision. The same you can utilize to sell goods on internet and compare the insurance quotes. Download the software and keep exploring more of its astounding features. 

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of GnuCash
Version Change log
GnuCash 3.3 Oct 2, 2018 Between 3.2 and 3.3, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
Bug 771667 - Different warnings when changing reconciled splits vs. splits linked to reconciled splits.
Bug 784420 - "Save changes on closing" window waits 2^32 seconds when "Time to wait for answer" is set 0.
Bug 786708 - GnuCash won't load currency fractions larger than 1000000. Also create larger fractions for the account dialog.
GnuCash 3.2 Jun 25, 2018 Between 3.0 and 3.2, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
Bug 787401 - Test Report System - Report Definition.
Bug 794617 - Can't compile with -DWITH_GNUCASH=NO due to scm-gnome-utils.
Bug 795101 - Scroll Bar in Reconcile Window Floats in and covers the check boxes.
Bug 795247 - datepicker broken in Persian. GnuCash passes dates as integer y/m/d without using locale-specific formats, so we need to strip out 'E' and 'O' from the format when scanning dates or determining separators in gnc-date. None of '-', 'E', or 'O' are supported by boost (and '-' causes errors), so strip them out from formatters in gnc-datetime as well.
Bug 795253 - Have problems input Chinese.
Bug 795272 - QIF importer causes application crash if action is invalid.
Bug 795276 - Invalid date on price stops file from being parsed.
Bug 795362 - Special variable "i" not parsed in function calls. Due to balance tests with insane random values.
Bug 795471 - Impossible to Edit Budget Unless Maximized.
GnuCash 3.1.2 May 16, 2018 Between 2.6.19 and 2.6.21, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
Bug 795049 - GnuCash 2.6.20-1 (Fedora Linux package) is unable to open MariaDB database.
Bug 795068 - src/optional/python-bindings missing several files.
Bug 795078 - missing _inflateValidate symbol has recurred in 2.6.20 on MacOS.
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