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Google Chrome is a simple, secure and versatile web browser that offers users a new and refreshing web browsing experience. It is designed for modern web browsing, with an array of features. One of the most notable features is speed. Google Chrome is designed to be as fast as possible. Right from a user’s desktop, this brilliant browser is fast to start. It also makes loading web pages and intricate web applications a breeze, with super-fast speeds. In addition, the Google Chrome Omnibox search bars makes searching the web easy and convenient. It provides suggestions as a user types in the box, this makes things easy for users.

The interface is clean, simple and organized. A good example is where a user is capable of searching and navigating the site from the same box. Users have the freedom to arrange tabs in whatever way they feel works for them, this makes accessing the tabs fast and easy. In most cases, when there are too many open tabs, the browser slows down tremendously. This is not the case for Google Chrome, as it facilitates operating even fifty tabs, without slowing down the browser. Viewing documents online can be problematic, especially if they are of different formats. Google Chrome now facilitates viewing PDF format documents. This feature also facilitates loading PDF files without having to install any software or plug-in. With the touch of a button, it becomes easier to save, resize and print PDF format documents.

A safe to use web browser is very important. This is why Google Chrome gives users security more than ever. This excellent tool features in-built phishing and malware protection functionalities. It gives a warning to users against entering sites that are potentially harmful. This feature works hand in hand with the safe browsing technology. The auto-updates keep the system safe and free from potential harm. This process is automatic and fixes any underlying issues in an instant.

Google Chrome has a wealth of privacy feature, which offer users flexible options to keep their activities private. Incognito mode enables users keep downloads and visits to websites private. This means there is not history kept and immediately after closing the pages, all cookies are erased. This software makes possible setting privacy preferences according to the website. This means users can control images, cookies, plugins and other aspects of a site. This provision is especially helpful for parental control and protecting kinds from inappropriate content.

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Last versions of Google Chrome
Version Change log
Google Chrome 75.0.3770.14 Jul 16, 2019 [Merge M75][NTP] Persist a profile preference to show the default search shortcut. by Ramya Nagarajan
Fix subresources not going through WebView's interception when a frame is served through AppCache. by John Abd-El-Malek
[omnibox] Disable flaky testSuggestionDirectionSwitching by Juan Antonio Navarro Perez
Update M75 DEPS to pickup Opus channel mapping fix. by Dale Curtis
[ChromeDriver] Don't crash with unknown status by John Chen
Revert "Add RuntimeEnabledFeature for retargeting _blank navigations to _top" by Michael Thiessen
[Touchless] Fix progressbar issue with IDN by Mehran Mahmoudi
[ChromeDriver] Fix key modifiers in Perform Actions by Tatiana Buldina
Fix browser_tests compilation in M75 branch. by Sergey Poromov
Fix font size for prefilled values. by Dominic Battre
Pin preview font-family to system font in different way by Dominic Battre
Avoid crashing when an icon is unavailable for a webapp by Michael Thiessen
Disable print option from Share Sheet in NoTouch mode by Michael T
Google Chrome 75.0.3770.80 Apr 5, 2019 Publish DEPS for 75.0.3770.75 by chrome-release-bot
Incrementing VERSION to 75.0.3770.75 by chrome-release-bo
Incrementing VERSION to 75.0.3770.74 by chrome-release-bo
Reland "Handle race of SwapIn() and browser destroying the speculative MainFrame" by Daniel Cheng
Google Chrome 74.0.3729.15 Apr 5, 2019 [ios/web] Disconnect the scroll proxy during slimnav restore. by Justin Cohen
[AudioService] Use realtime thread for loopback worker. by Yuri Wiitala
[AudioService] OutputController snooping always on realtime thread. by Yuri Wiitala
Support dangerous download infobar on touchless devices by Matthew Jones
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