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Google SketchUp

Version: 13.0.4811 | Size: 34.10 MB | Filename: GoogleSketchUpWEN.exe
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Editing process becomes necessary in the different field to make changes   or update.  Now there are a number of software come out with advance feature to edit the major application. Here the  sketch up   is  3D modeling, computer    software  for the    various  applications, namely interior  design, film, architecture, civil  and  much  more. By using this software,   you can cut down the working hours and as well as cost. Now, this software  is available as free version as well as the paid version.

The  Sketchup make is a free version which own  limited   feature on it, but the  SktechUp Pro is  the latest version that holds  additional function which allows the user  work  in easy  many.  It is  user  friendly application  to  use   by the  different  people have  reading  and  writing   skill  in t the  English.  This current  version of  software  is  down  by the  Trimble navigation  and  it is mainly used by mapping, surveying and  other process which let the customer to  use the  software. This software was  independent  from the  year 2000 to 2006 but  now it is owned by the  Google for the  years 2006 to 2012.

It  is one  of  effective  open  source for application   for the  different  field and  supporter  to  major  computer  to  run  on  it. This  software can  support  to plug  in  programs  of the third  party  so it won’t be hard for the  customer to use the  software.  At the same it  allows  the  major  rendering surface  in different  styles and it's  drawing  layout, functionality  which allows to  create the right design without meeting any trouble  with it. Initially, the basic software was released in  year  2000 and  stable release in the  month of  February on 20015. This  application can  support for the major  operating system  such as Microsoft windows 2000 and OSX and other latest version of operating systems. 

Now this application is available in the different languages such  English, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian Chinese. So it will be more comfortable for the customer.  It is licensed software  which  doesn’t  own the malicious  code and  never  affect your computer  and  other PC.  Here the SkecthUp Make is freeware software, but hold  less  features to run over the PC.

SketchUp Pro is commercial software which holds multiple features so you can work with the easy manner without  meeting any trouble with it. Even if you are new to access the software, you have  found  the number of tutorials which assist to use ina right manner. In case of any doubts on hiring the  tutorial, you can make use of the customer support center to get the right solution on the same day. 

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34.10 MB

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Version Change log
Google SketchUp 13.0.4811 Dec 1, 2013 * New tools and options through its Extension Warehouse which allows to add new elements
* Zoom tool enhanced and increased to 10,000%
* Export your animations in high-quality video formats such as AVI and H.264
* The speed of the vector rendering has been increased
* The performance of its options and tools is faster tan before
* New Copy Array for copying elements better
* Dashes to dimensions have been added
* Simpler actions thanks to the new LayOut
* 3D graphics are improved
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