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HandyCafe the software that you need when you a running an internet cafe business. It is easy to download and only uses a small amount of memory. Once it has been downloaded change the username and the password and it is there to monitor your business. HandyCafe with all its features brings prestige into your business and with its easy to use structure and reliability ensures that you are on top of the billing and control of all the machines and clients.

It allows you to create cashier accounts and the manager and you as the owner can use the administrator function for this purpose. The cashier accounts allow them to log in vouchers and also troubleshoot some issues. It has the ability to reset the computers that are having trouble and extending the time for the client. The cashier through HandyCafe can also send messages to the clients if that is required.

As the administrator HandyCafe allows you to limit the amount of control the cashiers have over the system and delegate those responsibilities to the administration accounts. As an administrator all the PC's can be monitored and even though the feature should not be used a spying mechanism it is handy when there is a sudden spike in bandwidth to see what the problem is.

With HandyCafe you are able to customise the settings to your terms and conditions and you can send stern warning signs if any of the patrons are violating them. The accounting capabilities of HandyCafe are excellent and it has a backup system whereby you can use another computer to keep a backup of all the receipts.

HandyCafe has an array of templates to choose from for the tickets and they are detailed with login and logout details to ensure that the client is billed accurately and more importantly, you don't loose money. It also has a cafeteria section for any refreshments that you sell.

HandyCafe does not only have great features for PC's but for gaming consoles as well with a warning notification when the persons time is up. HandyCafe has great customer service and is excellent software to have when you own an internet cafe or gaming arcade.

All the features are well designed and user-friendly and with the added support of the Ates, staff ensures that you will be able to monitor the PC and Gaming usage with accuracy.

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