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Highway Pursuit seems to be a breathtaking modern game which is taking its stimulation from plenty of classic arcade games. It is one among those games which you used to play when you are driving downhill the road at radiating speeds. Since, the roads are occupied with enemy agents along with innocent civilians whom you have to safeguard. When you take speed drive along the diverse landscapes, you must come across plenty of information before you. You will find numerous enemy weapons and vehicles which you must destroy to win the game.

This Highway Pursuit is considered as the fast-paced game, particularly if you are not excellent at controlling your vehicle. Your must have good driving skills to figure out the enemy vehicles and civilians. The game is not boring rather it is totally interesting and fascinating for the players. This Gameplay is extremely simple and elegant and it is certainly worth to download within certain time period to have more fun and enjoyment. Being an action-packing 3 dimensional blast game, you have the opportunity to view diversified scenery and landscapes, multiple weapons, several enemy vehicles, steering wheels, joysticks, 3d sound effects and keyboard support. Really, highway pursuit is a wonderful game which you never miss to play.

Highway pursuits make you to control the powerful sports driving car inside the world occupied with enemy agents. You main aim is to destroy the enemy agents without harming the civilian’s life. Keep in mind, along the terrain, you will come across much destruction but you also get some helping pointers to get rid of those terrains and weather conditions suitably. Moreover, assistance will be available all through the eight level missions via voice communications from game character Ashley. There are numerous versions available in fascinating and interesting hunter driving game so you can download the original game to continue playing the game until your become bored. You will never become boredom by playing this shooting and driving game.

In Highway Pursuit game, your weapons are smoke screen, machine guns, surface to air missiles, oil slick. Other than that, you will get enjoyment from 3d sound effects as well as excellent music quality. Get ready to jump in the driving car to play this wonderful game peacefully. Highway pursuit game is similar to the classic spy hunter game. You can get game information, download links and screenshots regarding the game by visiting the official website.

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Highway Pursuit 1.2 Nov 13, 2015 -Fixed an issue that was causing Highway Pursuit to crash at startup on some Windows 10 systems. Unfortunately I have had to remove the anti-aliasing feature for the time being, as this is what was causing the crash.
-Added support for 1920x1080 screen resolution.
-Improved support for playing in MAME cabinets by allowing the Shift, Control and Alt keys to be mapped as game controls.
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