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Hornil StylePix freeware

Hornil StylePix

Version: | Size: 6.42 MB | Filename: HornilStylePix2.0.3.0Setup.exe
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The Hornil StylePix is a powerful image editor tool that comes in brilliant user interface with lots of functional tools and options like enhancing image quality, text tool, dynamic brush, layers and so on. The Hornil StylePix can meet all the graphical requirement of a designer looking to bring professional quality to his works.

First of all the enhancing and restoration capabilities of Hornil StylePix require worthy mention here due to the very nature of correctly selecting an image or parts of it with the tool. Then users can enhance the look by modifying its blur, dodge, burn ratio and alter the sharpness, desaturation and saturation. For enhancing and restoring image quality the program also has a smudge effect producer. In case any mistake happens in editing an image, the restoration facility will bring the picture back to its original form. The red eye removal tool is also available with it.

Next we must talk about the text tool of the Hornil StylePix - that allows users to type their texts inside an image. The text tool lets user modify every letter a user inserts inside the image. One can easily moderate and change the size, width, kerning, tracking, leading, alignment, bold, italicized the texts without much efforts. Users get to insert the texts in various languages.

Up next the Hornil StylePix has various selection tools like automatic, color range, shape, circular, lasso, polygonal ones, channels, layers and quick masking. Based on your selection you can modify the image part per your needs. Such selections help you to quickly figure out which color combination or imaging option will best fit your cause. The selection tools of Hornil StylePix make work easier for the graphic designers.

The Hornil StylePix has different dynamic brush. These brushes are different from other image editors brush function because with Hornil StylePix brush you can create image, character, text etc that you cannot do in other image editors. The brush tool will also let you fix the scaling, layering, rotation and scattered-ness of your drawings.

Layers in StylePix are like canvases to add on to form your image. Each layer will have different object to group together. The blending mode of StylePix will also combine different layers together. It has 21 blending mode besides the unlimited layers you use for your works.

Users can create their own styled layers and apply the same on images. Other core benefits of Hornil StylePix include built in image viewer, lightweight of the program itself, brilliant user interface, tab and MDI and slideshow capabilities, batch processing and TSP file format support. The program offers filtering with preview system, color adjustment, transformational alignment, color dropper and ruler, cropping tool, flooding, spray, shape and clone brushing tools and so on. All these come from Hornil StylePix here free to download.

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Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, WinOther, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, Other

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