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If you are into converting videos from one file format to another Hybrid is among the most powerful encoders to use. But what makes it stand out from most of the encoders in the market is that it also has audio encoding capabilities. In short, Hybrid has an extensive number of file formats supported, for both video and audio.

This video converter can be used to convert any video file format to XviD, VP8, X264, MKV, MP4, WebM and M2TS. And the video conversion process takes place seamlessly as the app is pretty fast. On audio encoding, it can be used to encode audio to OGG, AC3, MP3, AAC and FLAC.  In addition to these functionalities, Hybrid is also able to convert Blu-Ray as well as AVCHD structure. Just like its name implies, Hybrid is simply a combination of various encoding tools all put together in a GUI.

Speaking of GUI, this video encoding tool has a sleek and easy to use interface, with everything clear laid down. No need for special expertise in software for a person to use it. Its GUI coupled with the encoding tools make Hybrid one of the powerful media convertion software available. The UI has tabs under which several functionalities and settings can be found. Main tab is basically used for uploading the input as well as selecting the output directory.  Where encoding of video is to be done from a DVD or Blu-Ray, user has to mark the respective fields depending optical media type in use.

It comes with plenty of amazing features which it also bestows the freedom of customization to the user. Users can crop, resize, filter, make chapters and perform several other video editing processes. As a matter of fact, this software is left for the user to explore the enormous amount of functionalities it can perform.

It is further made much easier to handle huge amounts of encoding jobs through its batch processing capabilities. No need to encode a single file at a time. One simply needs to use directory browser and select as many files as the computer’s resources can handle, that is, memory and processing speed.

This tool has plenty of amazing features as highlighted by the developer. These include support for chapter, tagging, subtitle creation for MKV, MP4 and Blu-Ray formats plus other acceptable AVS input and anything that can be decoded by mplayer or ffmpeg. It also has pass-through for tagging, mixing, chapter editing plus many more. 

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Last versions of Hybrid
Version Change log
Hybrid 2020.02.19.1 Feb 18, 2020 fixed:
Video: x265, messed up during 3.3. branch adjustment
Internals: removed some abandoned code which causes unneeded slow downs after files with lot of meta data were analysed
Hybrid 2020.02.17.1 Feb 18, 2020 fixed:
video: rav1e 2pass calls
video: x265, adjusted to 3.3 branch
Hybrid 2020.02.16.1 Feb 17, 2020 fixed:
Video: QSVEnc encoding mode mapping.
Vapoursynth: custom script mismapping
Vapoursynth: SelectRangeEvery and Tweak
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