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Icon Viewer freeware

Icon Viewer

Version: 3.51 | Size: 0.43 MB | Filename: iconviewer.exe
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The version of Icon Viewer is 3.51; this is a free application which is mainly used to identify the duplicates of other. The file name of icon viewer is iconviewer.exe and when it comes to its file size, it has 452,589 bytes. The system requirement of the icon viewer is windows XP / 95 /2000 /NT / 98 / ME. The mouse is optional one in the system requirements of icon viewer. You can see all kinds of icons which contain the DLL, EXE, ICL, and ICO. These files are generally present in the directory of the root file. The application will allow the user to check whether it is alike or not.  It will also assist to search the present directory for finding the duplicates of the icon viewer. The application of version was released on 8th May in the year of 2001.

The Icon Viewer has more features and avail that are uninstall and install features. It will progress the user interface. You can load and save your image at a time by using the icon viewer application. Here it does not need any runtimes and also it will not require the process of installation. There is no need to write the registry in icon view. It will not change your saved files in the directory and it is not an adware. The Icon Viewer has windows 7, 8, XP, 9X, 2000, 2003 and vista. The memory capacity of the application is more than 50 MB of free disk. You can view all icons in the executable file or ICO document. To view these icons you have to navigate the file in your directory, and then the icon viewer will display its window program.

The directory file is majorly aid to show the list of ICO files but it will not include the executable file. The icon viewer will contrast the two files to identify the duplicates one or which one is identical in a directory. First of all you should manually type a name of the file, and then only you can compare the files easily. The icon has a different format in an executable file. You can view all icons along with the ICL files. The icon viewer will be used to extract the hidden icon files from various application or documents. The free plug-in of icon viewer will add novel tab to the Win Explore. The window explores has the properties of viewing files, copying documents and saving icons from inner side of libraries and windows application. The installation of plug-in is used to get all DLL files and executable file.

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