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Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 90.00 MB | Filename: inkscape-1.0.2-x64.exe
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The Inkscape is a flexible designing and drawing tool that has dedicated support for unusual large files. It features object creation, manipulation, fill and stroke, pathways and other salient characteristics which are comparatively different from the most image creation and editing software programs. Download the free Inkscape from here if you are engaged in graphical activities involving designing, drawing and painting.

For object creation the Inkscape combine drawing tools like pencil and pen with the shaping tools like ellipses, spirals, rectangles and complement them all with text writing and insertion tool. Users can also embed bitmaps inside the objects they create with the software and get cloned versions as well. For manipulation purposes the software offers transformations, z order operations of lowering and raising an object, grouping, applying layer and aligning the same. It works with keyboard shortcuts as well as the command lines besides the user interface buttons.

Under fill and stroke the Inkscape users will get color selector, picker tool, copy pasting, pattern fillers, gradient editor and different types of strokes and path markers. These functional attributes contribute in multi stop gradients, predefining dash pattern and in using different pathway marks. Besides the fill and stroke in path operation Inkscape has node editing, path conversion, Boolean operations, path simplification, insetting, outsetting and bitmap tracking in monochrome and colored paths.

For text support Inkscape offers multiple line text in built in or imported fonts, kerning, letterspacing, line spacing, path text and text in shape. The software offers antialiased display with alpha transparency, PNG export and display support. One can drag a file and drop it on the interface to do the editing works.

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90.00 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Inkscape
Version Change log
Inkscape 1.0.2 Jan 18, 2021 New Features:
Zooming by middle mouse button click (pressing scroll wheel) can now be deactivated in Edit ? Preferences ? Behavior ? Steps: Zoom with middle mouse click (Commit 186736)
Canvas rotation by Ctrl + middle mouse drag / Ctrl + Shift + Scroll can be prevented in two ways:
temporarily for the current document from View ? Canvas Orientation ? Lock Rotation (Commit 5eb7c5)
for all new Inkscape windows in Edit ? Preferences ? Interface: Lock canvas rotation by default (Commit e8c10d)
Bug fixes
A long-standing, very annoying bug where, when copying an object to the clipboard while also running certain other programs on Linux desktops (mainly clipboard managers), caused multiple export extension dialogs to open, has been fixed, so you can now again use your favorite clipboard manager while also using Inkscape (Commit fe7c68, Bug #575)
Inkscape 1.0.1 Sep 7, 2020 New Features:
Color-managed PDF export using Scribus:
An experimental Scribus PDF export extension has been added. It is available as one of the many export formats in the 'Save as' and 'Save a Copy' dialogs.
To be able to get a correct and color-managed CMYK PDF file with text converted to curves that corresponds to your drawing in Inkscape, you must:
have Scribus 1.5.x installed (the Scribus executable must not be called scribus-ng)
have enabled color management for your document
have selected one color profile to use for the colors in your file
assign all colors in the document with the color managed color selector in the Fill and Stroke dialog
not use filters in your drawing (this includes blur)
not use any transparency if you're exporting to PDF/X-1, PDF/X-3 or PDF 1.3
not include any bitmap images
not use markers
not use any other SVG features that are not supported by Scribus
Inkscape 1.0 May 1, 2020 Release highlights:
Theming support and more new customization options
Better HiDPI (high resolution) screen support
Native support for macOS with a signed and notarized .dmg file
Coordinate origin in top left corner by default
Canvas rotation and mirroring
On-Canvas alignment of objects
Split view and X-Ray modes
PowerPencil for drawing editable, variable width strokes with a pressure sensitive graphics tablet
New PNG export options
Integrated centerline tracing for vectorization of line drawings
Searchable Symbols dialog
New Live Path Effect (LPE) selection dialog
New Corners (Fillet/chamfer) LPE, (lossless) Boolean Operation LPE (experimental), Offset LPE and Measure Segments LPE (and more!)
Path operations, deselection of a large number of paths as well as grouping/ungrouping are much faster now
Much improved text line-height settings
Variable fonts support (only if compiled with pango library version >= 1.41.1)
Browser-compatible flowed text
Extensions programming interface update
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