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Metageek specialises in solving your wireless network problems and includes tools to make sure that you can analyse coverage everywhere, are you on the best channel to avoid congestion and what other devices are around transmitting which are they interfering with the WI-FI that you are using.

MetaGeek inSSider is exactly that. It will troubleshoot your WiFi connection and optimisation tool so that you get the most reliable WiFi channel without having to call an expert. It will tell in a glance what the channel placement is, the signal strength and if there is any RF interference with the 2,4 and 5 GHZ bands.

The best way to assess which channel you should be selecting the inSSider Office shows you the channel graphs which show the WiFi bands that are overcrowded and using that information you can plan which channel you would like to choose.

With metageek inssider, you manage all your access points with an easy to remember identification name with a  grouping view of the ESSID level.

The way it works with MetaGeek inSSider when the machine is opened that has the software installed there are two screens with the one screen showing the wireless networks that are in proximity while the other screen shows the relevant information with a guide and tips. The tool does not only give a users guide but there are also free webinars for people who would like to get more involved in wireless technology and basic wireless packet analysis. It includes tools that help users find issues with Wi-Fi saturation and choosing the right wireless channel.

Clicking on the Network tab you get real time information about all the networks that are within range. The network that you are using will be starred by default. From the real-time information, you can see how many other machines are connected to that network and you can use this information to place the network you using on a less-crowded channel.

InSSider is a fun and useful tool. Once you log onto your wireless network you can start up inSSider and see the signal strength.  This becomes more useful in buildings where there are lots of mirrors or glass and multiple floors. With metageek inssider, you will be able to see which channel you are using and if it shows that there are lots of wireless subscribers using one channel then you can change to another channel and get better performance.

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