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Internet Explorer 11 freeware

Internet Explorer 11

Version: 11.0.11 | Size: 30.00 MB
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Internet Explorer 11 is a feature rich and brilliantly engineered web browser to give users a remarkable experience while browsing the internet. One of the most noticeable aspect of the application is its compact and neat interface. Users can navigate this software with ease. Installation is fast and simple. All it takes is downloading Internet Explorer 11 and installing. The computer does not require any rebooting because the software is analogous to the operating system. There is more space to view content of the webpage. The interface is designed to let users view more content and less space of the browsers interface features.

The tabs are simple and well designed, with a number of capabilities. Internet Explorer 11 lets users drag tabs to whatever positions they desire. In addition, this program lets users select a cluster of tabs and group them together in a new window. New-tab page feature gives users’ quick access to their most visited pages. This is possible because Internet Explorer 11 groups these pages in snippets of the main page. Users can make changes and change the settings anytime they like. The One Box is a useful functionality. It is a combination of the address and search boxes to give users an opportunity to turn this browser into a powerful search engine.

Extensions can turn out to be a problem. However, Internet Explorer 11 has an effective extension checker that verifies extensions. In addition, it has an effective download manager, which lets users pause a download and a pop-up blocker that protects users from unwanted content. This software is high in performance, this is not just in loading pages, but the browser intelligently prioritizes important content and loads it first. Hardware acceleration speeds up loading of pages in conjunction of the graphic processor. Another great feature of Internet Explorer 11 is its startup time. It takes a very short amount of time to start and get ready for use.

A versatile web browser like this may be seen to consume a lot of memory. This is not the case, as Internet Explorer 11 uses low memory and does not over-power the computer. When it comes to security, Internet Explorer 11 gives users various ways to keep their information and devices safe. This software gives users the capability to set manually the security settings. This means one can block specific sites and filter content that may be malicious or inappropriate. It also allows users browse the internet while on private mode. There is no record of history, cookies or downloads when browsing on private mode.

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