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The purpose of iPerf is to test the maximum attainable bandwidth of an IP networks. iPerf provides a wide range of parameters correlated with protocols, timing and buffers. The latest version of iPerf is a completely new implementation and thus is not backwards compatible with the original iPerf, meaning that you won’t be able to carry over the original configurations of iPerf, if you happen to have used it.

iPerf tests TCP and SCTP protocols, as well as the UDP protocol with both IPv6 and IPv4. For each test, iPerf delivers data on the bandwidth, loss, and other parameters of the network. iPerf can be fine-tuned to suit your requirements as well – for example, you can have the software running for a specified time or, alternatively, for a set amount of transferred data. You can also specify time intervals for iPerf to print reports on periodic & intermediate bandwidth, jitter, and loss.

For TCP and SCTP protocols, iPerf measures the bandwidth, maximum segment size (MSS), maximum transmission unit (MTU), as well as observed read sizes. As for UDP, iPerf measures packet loss and delay jitter, apart from bandwidth tests. When helping you with tuning a UDP connection, iPerf creates a constant bit rate stream specified by the client.

Because the server doesn’t quit after a single test, both the client and the server support multiple connections at the same time. However, iPerf 3 servers accept a single client unlike iPerf 2, which can accept multiple clients at once. iPerf also allows you to run the server as a daemon, meaning that it can run in a background rather than being controlled by you.

Speaking of servers, iPerf’s developers provide you with a number of servers to test your networks on. Unfortunately, because of the limitations of iPerf 3, iPerf 3 servers support only one connection at a time. They also kindly provide a script to host an iPerf 3 server on Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) in the case all the servers are busy.

Overall, iPerf is designed to help you with achieving maximum efficiency of your TCP and UDP networks. It will be of most use for network administrators who are looking for ways to reduce packet loss, jitter, and increase the bandwidth of their networks. After each reconfiguration, iPerf’s testing instruments can help you with understanding whether you are on right track or not.

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Iperf 3.1.3 Jan 15, 2018 Added bidirectional testing both simultaneously and tradeoff
Added server side statistic reporting on the client for UDP
Limits on the number of connections and locations for servers
Fixed the IPv6 Multicast implementation
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