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K-3D is a powerful free tool you can download to model and create 3D animations. You can run it on any platform and even share it with your family and friends. It is a member of Software Freedom Conservancy, a non-profit organization that supports many high profile projects. It has basic tools for animation including polygonal, curves and NURBS. The plugin oriented engine makes it versatile user-friendly software.

Features and Functions

K-3D is written in C++ supports Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD and is easy to download and install. The main menu is easy to navigate. The Menubar (file, edit, create, scripting, help) and toolbar (with create, model, filter, bitmap, etc.) are always visible for your convenience and easy modifications. The interface is grouped into 6 panels, i.e, history, list, properties, toolbar, viewport and working with panels. Its plugin architecture covers every feature including the interface. There are experimental, stable and deprecated plugins. There is an option to import and export files from other applications.

3D modelling is not easy if you lack experience. The advantage of using K-3D to model your animation is that it has a lot of tools to guide you, plugin for almost every function you would like to perform and unlimited do overs. It models standard forms like cones, circles and cylinders. The playback feature allows you to fix or improve your creation as it plays. It uses Pixar Renderman interface giving your pictures clear quality and renders with a wide range of engines.

The property editor of this design program can edit multiple objects at the same time provided the objects are the same type. The animation creation feature has custom properties to add spinners in the interface. Expressions can be added with additive morphing system to ensure difference in your characters is clearly identified. Null objects have size/drawing controls for convenience. Animation channels are unlimited.

K-3D is very flexible. With the node-based visualization pipeline you can connect and create combinations of anything. You are able to work on one side of an object while mirroring the other side and view the end results at the same time in real time. Make adjustments to your properties and see the results immediately. K-3D is an open source for those who believe in their creation and want to share them with the world. Record tutorial feature can be used to make recording of your tutorials.

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Version Change log
K-3D Sep 16, 2010 * Completely rewritten data storage for geometric meshes - capable of rendering one million polygons at interactive rates.
* Introductory support for the LuxRender render engine.
* Experimental support for CSG operations on polyhedra, using either CGAL or CARVE
* Introductory support for NURBS.
* New / rewritten support for 3DS, Collada, OBJ, MD2, Ogre, PLY, STL, and SVG files.
* Interactive Python Shell
* New CMake-based cross-platform build system.
* Over 300 regression tests run every night.
* Nightly coverage testing.
* New Mercurial-based version control.
* New website.
* New time-based release schedule - the next K-3D release will be October, 2010.
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