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Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a disk which is designed and used for the scanning and disinfecting operating systems and then restoring them. It is generally used when you are not able to boot the operating system and when there is an infection which any antivirus software or other disinfection utilities are unable to cure which runs under the control of operating system. It has various tools like Windows Registry editor, free bootable antivirus program and a web browser.

There are many advantages of using Kaspersky Rescue Disk like you can scan any particular file or folder you want to scan without scanning the entire hard drive. Other advantages include an efficient graphical user interface. You can export the scan results to a file generally txt or csv. You can easily edit exclusion rules. Compressed files are easily scanned. Various free tools are available. Heuristic scanning is supported in this. There are few disadvantages also like its download size is over 300 MB and there has not been an update for a very long time.

When we installed Kaspersky Rescue Disk, it requires us to download an ISO image file first. File, when it is downloaded, has a name kav_rescue_10.iso. Either you can create a bootable disk or a bootable USB device to store Kaspersky Rescue Disk. The USB one is more complex than the disk one. When the Kaspersky Rescue Disk is installed, there is a need for booting before operating system loading.           

When the booting is done, you have to chose any language you want to operate on. Then there is an option of graphic or text mode version. The graphic mode is recommended over the text one because it enables you to click on menus like in a desktop application. Then there is virus scanner which is the best feature as it enables you to scan the specific file/folder which is helpful as you know where the malicious components are. There is a My Update Center section in the virus scanner from which all the databases can be updated. You can set he scope of the scanning so that only exe files are scanned. A parameter can be set for scanning files of particular size frame. In Kaspersky Rescue Disk, you will find a desktop which helps you in editing the registry, browsing internet and operating system can be explored like a regular operating system which helps when there is a certain malware is attacking your system.       

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Kaspersky Rescue Disk Oct 29, 2019
Kaspersky Rescue Disk Mar 28, 2018
Kaspersky Rescue Disk Sep 21, 2013 · Options of the network configuring (including Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX) has been enhanced.
· Computer loading from a USB-drive has been improved.
· Boot speed of a distributive has been improved.
· Work in the graphic and text modes has been improved.
· Program modules have been updated.
· Kernel of the operating system has been updated.
· Third-party program packages have been updated.
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