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Nowadays, we have to keep in mind of various passwords. Password for email account, Windows network logon, website FTP password, online passwords, website member account, etc. Frankly, the list is endless and you may end up using different passwords for each of the accounts you have.

Now if you just use one password for each of the account, then hackers may get access to this password and you may end up having a serious problem. It would be unimaginable to see what such hackers would do to your account. The KeePass is an open source free password managing software that helps in managing the password in a safe manner. In this software, you can input all the passwords in a single database which is locked with one key file or master key.

So, what happens is that you only need to keep in mind of one password or you could simply choose the key file and unlock the entire database. These databases will be encrypted using the most secure and the efficient encryption algorithms which are currently known like Twofish and AES.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Linux, Mac OS X

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Last versions of KeePass Password Safe
Version Change log
KeePass Password Safe 2.39.1 May 15, 2018 File transactions: improved access control list (ACL) restoration.
File transactions are not used anymore when attempting to write to a local file that does not exist yet (to ensure a correct default ACL).
The option to minimize the main window after performing auto-type is now ignored while displaying a subdialog.
Plugins can now implement classes derived from KeePass' custom rich text boxes.
KeePass Password Safe 2.38 Jan 10, 2018 New Features:
The installers (regular and MSI) now create an empty 'Languages' folder in the application directory, and the portable package now also contains such a folder; language files should now be stored in this folder.
Added button 'Open Folder' in the language selection dialog, which opens the 'Languages' folder.
Added button 'Open Folder' in the plugins dialog, which opens the 'Plugins' folder.
KeePass Password Safe 2.37 Oct 13, 2017 New Features:
When creating a new database, KeePass now offers to print a KeePass emergency sheet (which can then be filled out and stored in a secure location, where only the user and possibly a few other people that the user trusts have access to); an emergency sheet can also be created via 'Tools' -> 'Database Tools' -> 'Print Emergency Sheet'.
Added database file information dialog that is displayed when creating a new database.
Added function to search similar password clusters ('Edit' -> 'Show Entries' -> 'Find Similar Passwords (Clusters)').
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