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Komodo Edit

Version: | Size: 74.80 MB | Filename: Komodo-Edit-12.0.1-18441.msi
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Komodo Edit is a powerful code editor tool for developers who prefer to edit their codes outside of an IDE. Generally code editing in the IDE gets stuffed with lots of advanced functional features which aims at easing the coding. However, for many developers these excess appear as clumsiness to their works. Instead they free a neat and clean interface with all the required features trimming the excesses. For them, ActiveState’s Komodo Edit is a good solution.

Download the freeware Komodo Edit for your developer role and for coding as it supports different coding languages. The editor have auto complete and call tips mode which will speed up your work and will give you important suggestions to better the work. The software has toolbox, projects and places manager. These are three important features that you will need to perform on any coding works for clients.

The Komodo Edit’s functional features also include pane views for open files, minimap, smart snippet and code refactoring. All of these functions will make your work better as you will have look of multiple files at a time, a minimap to visually comply with your localization needs and the smart snippet will make things more interesting with quick view. The code refactoring is another function that will let you correct your works and get better recommendation on the coding.

The Komodo Edit also includes multiple selections, Abyss and icons, breadcrumbs and debugger. If you require HHTP inspection or want to perform code profiling or unit testing then the tool can take care of them as well. In short the Komodo Edit upholds the promise it makes in being a simplified code editor that will bring greater control and clarity to your developer works.

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74.80 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Komodo Edit
Version Change log
Komodo Edit Feb 14, 2020
Komodo Edit Jan 16, 2020
Komodo Edit 11.1.1 Jan 8, 2019 Platform: Komodo 11.1.1 is integrated with ActiveState’s new platform, you can now login with your Platform Account rather than having to execute a custom license installer on your machine. For more information, see Komodo and the ActiveState Platform.
Debugging: Remove conflicting usuage of async (fixes Python 3.7+ debugging).
Resolve graphical artifacts with dialogs on macOS.
UI: Save as dialog hangs on macOS Mojave. Fixes #3620.
codeintel: Allow symbol browser to show in multiple windows - fixes #3567.
codeintel: Make goto-definition asynchrnous in order to avoid timing out on large projects - fixes #3568
codeintel: Recognize Perl “pm” extension - fixes #3582
devdocs: Use HTTPS - fixes #3572.
snippets: Fixed regression with preservation of snippet indentation - fixes #3569.
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