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Version: 4.77.0 | Size: 33.20 MB | Filename: lastpass_x64.exe
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LastPass is a cyber security solution for users looking to store their password securely. Users struggle to remember their password for everything they use online including social site, bank accounts and site that need authentication details. To overcome this, users generally choose a weak password or same password which if hacked can put all their accounts into vulnerability. LastPass is the solution for this type of problem.

Users are advised to choose strong password for the sites they visit and store them into the password manager. The entire user passwords will be stored online in an encrypted format such that no one including the company can read the credentials. Also the exchange of information between the server and the user is encrypted.

LastPass is free to use and is easy to start for a user who never used it. To start using it, users have to first create an account during installation. This is a very simple process and takes a small time to complete. The biggest hurdle in the initial setup is setting up the master password. Master password should be unique and impossible to guess. The setup will warn you that you must remember the password because no one can get your password back once it’s lost and yes it includes the company employees as well. This looks promising and NSA should be worried about it.

LastPass will prompt the user to import insecurely-stored password from popular browsers like Internet Exploer, Firefox and Chrome. This step must alarm the conscious users about the insecure way browsers store the user password. By default it turns off the browser insecure password capture feature. The step is finalized with the installation of browser plug-in in all your browsers.

LastPass is highly flexible and can be installed on any pc you want (including MAC). The app is also capable of transferring password information from most of its competitors.

LastPass captures username and password as you type them into secure sites. A small message will appear below the just-entered password. If you click save, it will ask you for a friendly site name. The software also features the old-fashioned password storage way, where it provides an infobar after the login is completely performed.

LastPass also detects when you change the password, keeping the users not to worry at all. It features a powerful password generator that can help you to set strong passwords when registering for new sites. Generated password length and character sets to use for starters. Ambiguous characters can also be skipped (zero or O). It is a powerful tool, also offering pronounceable password to remember.

LastPass automatically fills up the saved credentials automatically. If you are doing multiple logins, it will put a menu of choices right below the password entry box. The choice is then user driven.

The new 4.0 version supports creating sub-categories of sites for which you save password. Browsing through the list and selecting the site is very easy and intuitive.

LastPass like other password manager also serves to fill your stored data into web form online. Multiple form fill profiles are supported, each with personal data, address information, a credit card, a bank account and some user-defined fields.

When you click on the web form, it will list all the saved profiles. You can click on any one of them and fill up the form. The application also supports combination of personal profile and credit card profile, which can be used anytime. The first time you fill out the form, the app will offer you to save the new profile.

There is lots of functionality and control the user can get if they dive deep into the nitty-gritty of the application.

For added security, you can limit the application account to work in specified countries and set it to disallow Tor network logins. The software also warns when the form is filled on non-HTTPs sites.

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