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The LEGO Group’s interactive program gives users the chance to build Lego creations without having the physical Lego blocks. Lego Digital Designer (LDD) is designed for the enjoyment of both beginners and serious Lego builders.

It features an attractive and user-friendly interface. The right sidebar displays Lego pieces of all varieties arranged by category: bricks, templates and groups. From flat tiles to angle plates, each Lego pieces comes in different dimensions and colors. Hovering the cursor on the piece will show a description of the Lego piece including its name and size. On top, users can find actions such as select, clone, paint, and delete.

The build program begins with seventeen prebuilt models that users, especially beginners, can modify and play with. For builds that start from scratch, the program begins with a wide and blank baseplate which users can then build upon. The program offers convenient arrows that enable users to view their creation from all 360 degrees.

The point-and-click feature makes building easy. All users have to do is select from the sidebar the Lego piece they wish to place on the canvas, and the piece will appear on the space. To move pieces, users only have to click and reposition the pieces. Rotating pieces is achievable through on-screen arrows. Lego pieces can be layered on top of each other, as long as studs on the adjoining pieces can snap together. It works just how Lego pieces would work in real life.

The set of tools at the upper task bar make building a lot faster. For instance, users who want to duplicate a 2x3 brick can simply click on the clone option before clicking on the desired brick. Changing the colors of Lego pieces can be achieved by using the paint bucket tool, which shows a grid of all available colors.

When done building, users can download a list of all the Lego pieces that they used during the build. This list can then be brought to a certified Lego store where they can buy the exact pieces. An option to purchase the Lego pieces online is also available through the software. In addition, users can take screenshots of the creations. Lego Digital Designer also allows these creations to be shared on LDD’s website for other creators to see.

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