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LiberKey is an extremely user friendly suite that houses an assortment of applications ideal for different functions. The portable applications housed are easy to install and run on any computer. A practical application of LiberKey is when installing new windows. The ready to use software applications on LiberKey will save you from the time consuming and exhausting process of searching for software and downloading one by one.

Everything on this tool is organized so strategically and categorically. There are multiple customization settings for the portable programs and the interface for easy organization. There is also a system area from where you can easily launch the apps. We tried out the option for a predefined suite which is extremely impressive as it contains multiple tools so you can both browse each component separately and then select the more alluring ones for your installation.

The setup for LiberKey does not require any expert input. On launching, the LiberKey icon will automatically be created in the system tray. You will be given the option to select from three of the available suites; basic, standard or ultimate, each with a different number of applications. At your disposal are select and deselect buttons for making your choices. Before selecting any program, you can study them by hovering your mouse over it. After making your selection on the preferred programs to install, the apps will be set up one at a time as you track them from the progress bar. When complete, you will be asked to restart the wizard to launch the portable tools.

LiberKey configuration is another beauty. You are able to enable keyboard shortcuts to easily launch applications, change proxy settings, enable automatic online updates for software or disable, change user interface language and even change the primary color of the windows and menu. We were even able to temporarily enable the file associations for the programs we had installed, which was a breeze.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64

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Version Change log
Liberkey 5.8.1129 Nov 30, 2015 - Fixed, Portabilizer: .NET framework version detection
- Added, LiberKey: Slovak translation [sk-SK] Thank you kamilpolner (new contributor)
- Added, LiberKey: Romanian translation [ro-RO] Thank you Adrian (new contributor)
- Improved, Portabilizer: .NET framework detection
- Improved, Portabilizer: Use the x86 version of an application when the x64 version is missing
- Fixed, Menu: Various bug fixes
- Added, LiberKey: Breton translation [br-FR] Thank you Diloar (new contributor)
- Added, LiberKey: Macédonien translation [mk-MK] Thank you mite71 (new contributor)
- Added, LiberKey: Serbe (cyrillique) translation [sr-Cyrl-RS] Thank you Bojan Pavlovi? (new contributor)
- Added, LiberKey: Serbe (latin) translation [sr-Latn-RS] Thank you Bojan Pavlovi? (new contributor)
- Updated, LiberKey: Arabic (Tunisia) translation [ar-TN] Thank you Trabelsi Youssef
- Updated, LiberKey: German translation [de] Thank you Paul Bichler
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