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LinuxLive USB Creator is a free and open-source program developed from Windows by Thibaut Lauziere. It has a user-friendly interface, making it usable by everyone from serious programmers to beginners. It draws its uniqueness from other portable Linux installers through its boot-less feature.

While most USB installers require drive-specific reboots in order for the operating system to be fulling functioning, LinuxLive USB Creator features a clever way to get around all this hassle. The program offers a convenient live virtual machine, its built-in virtualization feature that allows users to run the Linux distribution without having to reboot the computer.

LinuxLive USB Creator supports a wide variety of Linux distributions, which includes Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint, Slax, and BackTrack among others. These Linux distributions require specific ISOs before installation, but the program itself offers downloads of these ISOs in case the user has not attained them.

Persistent data is one of LinuxLive USB Creator’s unique features. It allows data and preferences to be stored or remembered even after rebooting the device. This feature would be unattainable if the user opted for installer discs.

The program promises an easy-to-use interface that even non-technology enthusiasts can understand and follow. The process involves seven simple steps: preparation, USB key choosing, source selection, persistence, options, creation, and using your Linux USB.  Users simply need to have a flash drive that has been FAT32 formatted to get started.

Installing requires at least 810 MB of free space. When the user has that, they can begin the installation process. They require an ISO file for the specific Linux distribution. The user has to locate this file before choosing the size of persistent data that can be stored. The next option is optional, but it involves launching the LinuxLive directly in Windows, without configuring anything on the hard drive. LinuxLive USB Creator is the only known program that has this feature. Finally, users should create the LinuxLive USB Key, turning the flash drive into a portable Linux operating system.

Typically, users would reboot from the USB location in order to use their LinuxLive USB. This would involve rebooting the computer and selecting the location, or USB drive, from there. The user would then be asked to choose their boot option, with persistent mode as the default. With LinuxLive USB Creator, users can use their LinuxLive USB Key without having to reboot. However, using the VirtualBox will not retain any data, changes made, or preferences after reboot.

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