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The Log Parser Lizard is one of the best software tools from the developers Microsoft. Its products and services ranges from the professional and unique system utilities to the libraries and components which can be easily used in the development of the software. The basic aim of this program is to concentrate on the needs and requirements of the customers and the program provides a great amount of usability and quality.

The program is something which makes your work more enjoyable and easier. The Log Parser Lizard is a good and easy to use graphical user interface from the developers Microsoft and is one of the best ones that is available in the market. Basically, the Log Parser Lizard is one of the versatile and the best query software tool which has the major ability to provide the universal and the best query access through the SQL and even the text based data like the XML files, logfiles, key data source, CSV or TSV text files, etc. Such kind of data are available in the MS Operating system, as well as the Windows Event log, registry, ISS log, File system, Active Directory, etc.  

The Log Parser Lizard is a great tool and one which has the enhanced query software. It has the unique quality of digging information from the log files easily and quite effortlessly with the help of the SQL queries and that too without losing out the log data and the various databases. Since the Log Parser Lizard is a simple to use command line interface, it is not intuitive and can be used as free graphical user interface tool for getting and exporting results from Excel, managing queries, etc.

Furthermore, the Log Parser Lizard has got various additional inputs and filters which can be easily used for custom log4net and RegEx input formats. In addition, the Android logs can be a great support for the regular expressions and inputs too. It is even quite easy to manage and write the queries for the MS SQL server, OLEDB queries, FQL (Facebook Query Language). Even you can analyze the huge data in the clouds by using the Google BigQuery services and products.

The interesting aspect of the MS developed Log Parser Lizard is that it provides some of the extensive features. Basically, the tool is so much incredible and it is supported in all the versions of the MS operating system. Compared to other command line interface which is quite difficult to use, the Log Parser Lizard is simple and easy. Since it is leveraged and developed by Microsoft, it is rightly a quality tool. Also, it allows one to view the given data in a consolidated format and not only in a single format but in any format that you like.

In addition, it allows one to choose what kind of data to see and with what relevant button, so that it can be fine-tuned using the SQL entry command and field. Basically, it is a pre-populated tool which can handle a lot of necessary queries and is as per your convenience. Do you know that Log Parser Lizard is a significant tool for reports, forensics, debugging, big data analysis, collecting logs, etc.

Many of the best and top testing labs have awarded Log Parser Lizard with the top most ranking and even recommended it to suppliers and customers worldwide. As per a recent analysis, about 2000 installation happen for Log Parser Lizard each month and there are about one lakh users all over the world (i.e. based on the trend analysis done for three years).

It has got extensive features like one can use the modern MS office 2010 along with various document interface along with ribbons and it even provides the best user experience. Also, the query editor has the option where one can highlight the syntax and do the code snippets, auto completion of the code, VB.NET code, query constants, and the list goes on and on. Basically, the query management option provides one the easiest and simplest means to organize the Log Parser Lizard doubts.

If you check the result display and output, it would be quite common to the default table view and would be similar to the Excel. But it would have more better and advanced features when compared to others. Some of the extensive features consist of grouping, sorting, conditional formatting, column choosing, formula field, etc. Plus it is quite easy for you to transfer the given data into the PDF report, Excel, MHTor, HTML, etc and even help in consolidating the given data into various charts for getting a clearer readability.

Even you can use the command line function to easily automate the entire process. So, when it comes to multi-dimensional analysis and data mining, the extensive features and advanced pivot table would provide the business users with various excellent insights into the day to day operations. So, in case if you are using or plan to use the Google Big Data and the Google BigQuery, then it can help in processing the huge data of files and log files. Basically, the google server has all the necessary features to do the heavy lifting and Log Parser Lizard can help in carrying out the visual presentation of the vast data sets.

In case if you are a Facebook developer, you can easily create and organize and test the FQL (Facebook Query Language) elements in the Log Parser Lizard. In case if you have purchased the full and licensed version of the Log Parser Lizard, then you could easily browse and check out the features of the log data. The Log Parser Lizard has got extensive features which is present in the licensed version of Log Parser Lizard. Do you know that the Log Parser Lizard has got pivot grid, which provides the best multi-dimensional analysis and data mining?

Storing queries in the SQL server database is easy and you can simply share them among various users and other PCs in the organization like the ones which provide auditing, backups, database storage, etc. In addition, you can provide advanced print preview features by creating and designing the document prints and even sending the emails from the Log Parser Lizard. One can even export data to XLS, PDF, HTML, RTF, MHT, XML, TSV, TXT, XLSX, CSV, etc.

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Last versions of Log Parser Lizard
Version Change log
Log Parser Lizard 6.6.0 May 19, 2017 New Sharing Wizard for easily sharing reports on various cloud drives.
New Input Type “Custom Visual Basic.Net plugin” allows you to create your own input format in Visual Basic .Net without compiling the code or advanced COM programming (two samples are included)
New Tree Map view. The new Tree Map data view allows you to visualize data using nested rectangles that are sized and ordered by a quantitative variable.
Save/Load Input and output format properties to/from file
Log Parser Lizard 5.6.0 Feb 2, 2016 Hyperlink in data grid.
Now you can use LPL in unattended mode (without UI from - Task Scheduler for instance).
New options when running queries with parameters.
Change Query Tab appearance.
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