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The graphical user interface is depend on the Qt4 and it runs on the various platforms such as 32 bit and 64 bit microsoft windows, Mac operating system of version 10.6 and on different linux version. The input pictures can be provided in various types from JPEG to RAW files. In the similar way, the result can be stored in various kinds as well from JPEG to TIFF enabling the power of post processing devices.

The key features of the Luminance HDR includes, large dynamic range imaging, numerous tonemap operators, 16 bit per channel result to generate the huge range of processing methods, combing the various images together to make an HDRi and reads the RAW files. The Luminance HDR has introduced new features such as automatic anti ghosting, enahnced input/output with TIFF 32 bit, restructured merge algorithms and integration with the windows task bar. It also contains new characteristics that are out on the table.

The minimum requirement for the Luminance HDR is the central processing unit that supports the SSE2. For the Mac OS, the Luminance HDR has compiled on the Maverick and it compatible with 10.8 versions. For an advanced user, if you need to complie the copy of the Luminance HDR, note that the Luminance HDR needs the Qt5 from this version.

The prerequsite of the HDR photography are digital pictures with various exposures. Luminance HRD combines the images and computes a high contrast picture. To view the image on the actual computer monitor, Luminance HDR changes it into the showable LDR picture type using different methods.

The main problem with the HDR photography is that the picture required to be aligned properly on the top of each other. If a subject is constant, this can be obtained using the stable surface on which the cam is located. In the type of image information, that does not depict the exactly similar; the program permits the operation to aling the pictures on the top of each other. The automatic alignment is employed utilizing the hugin project. If the automation does not offer the accurate output, then the user can enhance it manually.

The HDR pictures are the images with super dynamic range and utilizing the Luminance HDR; they can be developed as well as edited. The supported HDR graphic formats are radiance HDR, RAW, PFS native, OpenEXR and tagged image file format. Luminance HDR can make an HDR picture from different LDR images and tonemap an HDR into the LDR.

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Last versions of Luminance HDR
Version Change log
Luminance HDR 2.5.1 May 18, 2017 New Portuguese (Brazil) translation
Luminance HDR 2.5.0 May 10, 2017 New Portuguese (Brazil) translation
Luminance HDR 2.4.0 Feb 3, 2014 Automatically Update Checker
Update libraries (in particular, LibRAW)
Support for TIFF 32 bit floating point (compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4)
Improved EXR, TIFF, JPEG and PNG I/O
Improved color conversion routines
NEW: Hugin's alignment: Autocrop feature (thanks to David Polák)
NEW: Support additional demosaicing algorithms, AMaZE as default
NEW: Save HDR creation profiles
NEW: Copy EXIF tags to tonemapped images automatically
NEW: Portable mode
NEW: Testing realtime previews (beta functionality)
Anti-ghosting working again
Speed improvements to various TMO algorithms
Speed improvements to merge algorithms
New Danish translation
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