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Lunascape is the popular world first triple engine browser made in Japan. It is highly customizable and now comes compatible with the extended series of Firefox add-ons along with the already supported Lunascape plug-ins and the internet explorer add-ons. With this compatibility, it is possible to achieve the highest degree of flexibility and extensibility among web browsers. The most notable feature of Lunascape is the high speed browsing. Built over the independently created technology, this browser is extremely faster than any other browsers which use the Gecko engine, by means of both javascript execution and the startup speed. With Lunascape browser, the three much prevalent rendering engines Webkit, Gecko, Trident have been associated in a single browser. On clicking at the smart engine switch button which appears next to address bar, it is very easy to switch the rendering engine to any page. By supporting three distinct web engines simultaneously, it delivers a great assistance for web designers and developers.

Sites that are designed especially for Trident, for example bank sites, can be made registered in the list of auto engine-switch such that even if the default engine was set as Gecko,  entering the trident page switched rendering engine automatically for that tab towards trident. If you split your internet usage between internet explorer for accessing bank sites and Firefox for having normal browsing, then Lunascape will be a suitable choice for you as you can indicate which engine does any given page must open with. By registering your desired site in the list of engine auto switch, you can remain sure that the site will open with particular rendering engine always. Lunascape, being the triple engine browser is the most customizable browser available on the internet. The user can achieve the behavior of their desired rendering engine by making changes in the engine settings.

With Lunascape, searching for a sentence or word online is a lightning fast operation with the excellent search feature. Just highlight a phrase with the mouse on the page and choose an item present in the popup menu. Default search options present under this menu include every options right from news to translate, but the user can include any additional item. Lunascape browser also comes out with triple add-on support, indicating that it supports add-ons of Gecko and internet explorer, along with add-ons designed for Lunascape, everything in a single browser.  In specific, Lunascape also support thousands of Gecko add-ons that are fun and easy to use particularly if they are of the type which appears in the sidebar of Lunascape.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Lunascape
Version Change log
Lunascape Feb 23, 2018 Improvement:
This release includes Gecko upgrade to 45.9.0.
Lunascape May 25, 2017 Improvement:
This release includes Gecko upgrade to 45.9.0.
Lunascape Nov 30, 2016 Improvement:
Updated the Gecko engine version to 45.2.0.
Fixed Bug:
Fixed the bug that the unknown space is appeared on the right side when the Lunascape window is maximized.
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