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McAfee Stinger x64 freeware

McAfee Stinger x64

Version: | Size: 17.80 MB | Filename: stinger64.exe
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McAfee Stinger x64 is objective software that detects and removes particular viruses. However, it is not an entire substitution for a full antivirus. It mainly focuses on problematic viruses that are elusive to a normal antivirus. An interesting feature is the fake alert detection. This is how many virus attack user’s systems and most of the time, they fall prey to this. McAfee Stinger ensures that even before a false alert enters the system; it is adequately dealt with in the most effective manner. Since it does not have a set up pack, all it takes is getting the executable file and dropping it anywhere on the hard disk for scanning.

McAfee Stinger x64 features a list of more than 3,000 viruses, which can be viewed from the list on the program interface. This allows users know exactly what virus this software can deal with. However, this list is constantly updated; therefore, there are more viruses this software can deal with as soon as it is updated. As a scan is going on, users can view the current scanned files and the problems found. In addition to this list, the viruses that have been cleaned are also displayed. However, there are problematic viruses, these are sent to the quarantine area, where the user can review and decided whether to keep or throw them. 

The general assumption could be that McAfee Stinger uses large volumes of system resources. This is not the case because during a scan, optimizes on faster scans while using a moderate amount of RAM and low CPU. McAfee Stinger x64 totally avoids guzzling the system power. This software has a neat and simple interface, only displaying the relevant information a user may need. This is how powerful and versatile McAfee Stinger can be.

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Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64

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