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Published as an open source software the MediaInfo is a completely different multimedia tag and data manager. The freeware combines two functionalities as its core capabilities like the display data generation, editing and customization and the analytical data generation, editing and customization.

Let us speak for the tool, that is not an audio or video recorder, converter; to help users understand how to better ensure the use of MediaInfo for their personal purposes. For analytical part, use the MediaInfo to create subtitles in SSA, ASS, CDP, DVB Subtitle, DTVCC, SCT20 etc formats. Manage the audio formats covering mp3, AC3, DTS, AAC and Dolby, FLAC or other platforms. Get into videograph details for mpeg, DivX, Dirac, H.263 and so on.

Thus with MediaInfo users can better manage their multimedia library by editing the Id3v1, Id3v2, APE and Vorbis comments etc. It will support QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, MXF, GXF etc. Contrary to the analytical data editing of multimedia files the MediaInfo can produce following display data like chapter, texts, audio, video, container etc. The program can count and prepare chapters list, detect subtitle language, codec ID and formats. For audio files it will look in the sample rates, bit depth and rate etc. For video files the software will allow user to check the scan, scan order and type, bit depth and rate, color spacing, frame rate, aspect ratio and other relevant considerations. Further the software will provide information on album, track number, duration, format, profile etc details.

The question is what is the reason or use of all these information the MediaInfo will produce to the users. It is a tool to customize your multimedia files details, technical and display wise, so that managing the multimedia files into an unified filing, database system becomes easy. It helps in proper designing of multimedia library content. What else come with the MediaInfo are still features and functionalities that deeply complement users’ library building, database creational or archive system. Users in addition to the above mentioned benefits can get more information, export text, csv or html files, enjoy the command line for data production.

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Last versions of MediaInfo
Version Change log
MediaInfo 0.7.98 Aug 24, 2017 Matroska: handling of files with Tracks element after Cluster elements
Matroska: detection of Duration tag alone and use it even if tag writing date is not there.
Matroska: mapping of colour description elements, timecode and handler name to corresponding MediaInfo fields
I169, WAV: too much aggressive detection of wrong 5-channel audio, now limited on AC-3 and DTS
MediaInfo 0.7.97 Jul 4, 2017 HEVC: support of stream having VPS hrd_parameters
FLV: support of FLV files with an ID3v2 header
FLV: detect some incoherent frame rates in buggy files
TIFF: support of more tags
MediaInfo 0.7.95 May 5, 2017 EBUCore: EBUCore 1.8 with acquisition metadata output.
Better support of growing files, especially when accessed by FTP
Matroska: better support of some broken files (high EBMLMaSizeLength, padding before start of EBML)
ER: showing Multipart and Deep flags
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