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MeGUI is a video converter that one can use to rip DVD and do some video editing with its transcoder functions. The freeware tool offer enhanced conversion capabilities.

For input to the transcoder system MeGUI remains supportive to DVD vob with v2, MPEG streams and other forms. The software has a feature called AviSynth which actually helps in accepting all video inputs in varying formats.

For output MeGUI can support x264, MPEG, Snow, libavcodec and XviD video encoding while for audio formats it goes well with MP2, 3, AAC, Vorbis, AudX and the AC3. The containers with AVI, MP4 and Matroska are not among the exceptions.

In terms of working with MeGUI it will add simplicity to the users’ lives with its extended job queuing, linking, play/pause, control, parallel execution systems. Each of these offer some command button based functions to make the transcoding that is encoding and decoding of video content straightforward. The tool also maintains its high speed with the multi core systems.

MeGUI combines Automatic Interlace Detection which quickly scans the input to determine the output order. For instance, an input content with hybrid interlace system will not result in the same quality output that you can get from a film input. Similarly, inputs with progressive and interlaced content will have their best quality results.

The open source based MeGUI offer automated update of the software. So you will remain updated all the time. Moreover its AviSynth is a great way of making audio encoding or decoding samples. This ensures the best quality without any compromise. Users with advanced knowledge of working with multimedia encoders, rippers can configure the video encoding, HDTV caps etc from the MeGUI software.

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111.10 MB

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Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of MeGUI
Version Change log
MeGUI 2896 Dec 8, 2018 Features/Changes:
Improved worker handling
For each job type the process and I/O priority can be defined
Changing the priority in the progress window does change it only for the current job
Rule sets can be specified based on which it is determined how many jobs of which type are allowed to run in parallel
Settings to be found in the options window
[Main] :
Some menu items have been moved/renamed:
"optionssettings" to "options"
"optionsupdate" to "toolsupdate"
"workersworker summary" to "viewworker overview"
[Settings] :
input filters are restricted to 8 bit by default (to be disabled in the options window)
[OneClick] :
Added support for VFR input files (requires mkv/mp4 output)
MeGUI 2836 Apr 20, 2018 Features/Changes:
[File Indexer] enabled "select audio tracks" for DGIndexIM/NV.
[File Indexer] show DGIndexIM/NV only if enabled in the settings.
[HD Streams Extractor] removed the custom "+ Options" column by default and added an option to show it.

Improved High DPI support.
[Audio Encoder]x64: improved the downmix functions for 7.1/6.1 to 5.1

Known Problems:
Windows XP and older is not supported.
Unicode is not supported.
M2TS bitrate calculator does not calculate correct values as the specifications are unknown.
MeGUI 2624 Feb 14, 2016
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