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RAM may experience memory damage for multiple causes, and it will always be a frustrating experience. Unrelaible RAM can cause a multitude of problems which include corrupted data and crashes. Faulty RAM can be indentified by mere observance. When a computer starts to load web pages slower, randomly restarts, shows a blue screen, or fail to install new programs, it might be a problem with the RAM. To be sure, MemTest checks for any damages to the RAM.

MemTest is a free RAM tester for Windows. It checks if your computer can store and retrieve data from its memory. Memory failure is common when installing new RAM, purchasing a new PC, or altering it configuration. MemTest works by using a series of algorithms and patterns to determine the stability and efficiency of your RAM. It is advised to use RAM testers if there are changes in the computer’s performance. Ignoring these errors might cause further damage to one’s PC, such as data corruption.

MemTest uses a very basic interface. It shows a tiny window wherein you can enter the number of megabytes of RAM that you wish to test. Its simple buttons enable users to start and stop the test, as well as view additional details about MemTest. Duration of the MemTest varies upon the size of the RAM that needs to be tested.

The free version only identifies the errors of the faulty RAM, but for a detailed report of the errors, users can purchase the Pro and Deluxe versions.

The Pro version has added features, including a mode wherein users can test the RAM in the background, while they perform other normal tasks in the computer. With the Pro version, users will also be given a copy of the official report so that they can use the findings when they bring their PCs to their technicians.

The Deluxe version runs MemTest from a CD that can be run on any computer without installation. The Deluxe version can be used to test the RAM of any computer, regardless of its operating system, even if it has no operating system at all. This version, which costs $14, is a convenient assistance for technicians who have to test several computers with different operating systems.

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MemTest 6.0 Sep 18, 2017 Optimized for computers with >4GB ram. Particularly significant for Deluxe users. If you are testing 8GB or more you need this version. If testing less than 4GB, 5.x may actually be slightly faster. Based on extensive empirical research we have updated the percent coverage metric; testing to 100% will catch all errors except for intermittent failures; to detect intermittent problems test to 400%.
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