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Metin2 is a best multiplayer game over through online. Metin2 is free online role playing game, which is massive online game in this the world packed continues actions and instant fighting are there in the game. In this game we can choose three kinds of kingdoms as Asmodia, Pandermonica and Elgoria. And also we can select 8 different of characters in that each character has unique skills of attacking. The story of the game is the long time ago there is single empire who existed in the certain continent. The country is fully of peace kind and they did not know the diseases spread throughout the continent.

In that continent innocent peoples are suffered from the slain and beast they are occurring by disease and they are dead then again they came. The undead people of the continent are coming again with the endless numbers of member, seeming ever in that continent. The entire existence are appears to the problem causing when they are not going away. So that the empire in the continent were spilt and then they are become three separated continent members. All the three continent members are trying to make survival of their needs. From this incident, the three continent members even though fight for their survivals but they are treating herself as the enemies with the other continents.

Players in the game choosing as one of five categories they are warrior, shaman, ninja, Sura and Wolf man. In that we can choose any players we want to fight. The subclasses are there for the selecting player there is two tress are available we can choose from that but except for the Wolf man. Metin2 is similar to the MMO game, which is most popular to the points that are earned through every time of the player skills can complete the mission an NPC. In the game playing several options are available in that every time, we press spacebar the character strike each time, there is an automatic combat feature available from which it allows the character that is continue to attack a single creature following through it. The downfall of the creature move through another your character from that the second creature making our character run in that place.

We can take two players each player can choose their individual character of reaches 15 levels. There are four kind of battle are available for other players. In that each one player has different kingdom to select over the points. Player can select weapons in the drop down box each weapon cost is based upon the ranking of the weapons.

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Version Change log
Metin2 Client 15.7 Dec 12, 2015 Changes:
New level cap: 120
New dungeon: The Arboreal Menace
Repeatable quest from lvl 95 on: Chaos in the Enchanted Forest (starting point at Guatama Cliff)
4 new armors for all classes
New shoes
Implementation of a drop dice system for all bosses, kings and metins, not normal monsters
Dice system allows every party member the same chance to get a dropped item
Dice system is only available for party members
The dice roll result will be displayed in chat box as text (new tab “throw”)
If multiple party members roll the same result, the roll will be repeated until a winner is chosen
Once a party member was rolled as owner, the item drops with player name on it
Each item is rolled separated
The item owner has 30 secs to pick it up, otherwise any player can take the item
New shop search
Looking Glass: can be gained from boss monsters and has 1 hr duration
Trading Glass is itemshop only and lasts for 7 days
Both items allow players to search for items by price from low to high
Metin2 1.025 Dec 12, 2012
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Client 15.7

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