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Metronome was originally a device known to produce audible beats (click, or other sound) at regular intervals and the user could set Beats Per Minutes (BPM) with it. But software is now available with the same name that provides clear and precise beats. These beats don’t wind down unlike the mechanical Metronome, making it very important music composer for musicians. It was developed by M&M-System and is used for composing music. The program has tempo guide which is quite helpful in remembering the BPM of a particular speed marking.  

Metronome runs as either a stand-alone program or an application for computers or mobile devices. It is a simple software that is easy to use and requires no major training. It can be found and downloaded for free from various sites.

Some features of Metronome include:

  • Accuracy and beat simulation: The software is highly accurate at simulating beats used by music composers.
  • Simplicity and intuition: The interface is intuitive and very simple to understand. No training is required to understand how the program runs.
  • Visual beat indicator: The bar provides clear visual beat indicator which is a  useful visual cue.
  • Winding down: The program is much better when compared to the mechanical Metronome, as it does not wind down the way the mechanical device does.
  • Used on various platforms: The software can be used on computers that run on Microsoft windows or as an application on smartphones and tablets.
  • BPM Tempo guide: This feature is a helpful resource in remembering the beat speed, for example Allegro.
  • Subdividing beats: It has the ability of subdividing beats into regular beats and accented beats in order to put emphasis on different patterns.

The system requirements of Metronome are Windows Vista, 7, XP, 8.1, 8, 10. Mac OS X 10 or above. iOS and Android operating systems of 2.2.3 or higher.

Metronome software is perfect for creating accurate beats and beat patterns meant for simple and complicate rhythms.

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