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MicroVolts is a third person shooter and is inspired by such games as "Team Fortress". The characters are similar and long-time gamers will recognize a lot of the familiarities with 3DO "Army Man". Microvolts are distributed by RockHippo but the development is done by NQ Games which is a software company that is located in South Korea.

The download of the game is about 2G and when it is done over Steam servers will take about 1/2 hour. You can also download the program from the actual website and because there are no ties to the Steam platform you can choose however you would like to download it.

Playing the game is typical to any FPS available and it is very responsive to all the commands. The weaponry available is very diverse and some of them have very powerful capabilities and the most hilarious of them all is the tiny gun but it is one of the most destructive in the game.

There are in all 16 maps that you can choose from and the game will allow up to 16 players. The game offers all the usual modes for FPS games and most of them the veteran gamers will know about but there is an added Zombie mode.

Being part of the MicroVolts community is an integral part of the game and it offers bonuses for the people that register their Facebook profile with MicroVolts or those that add at least twenty friends. MicroVolts has a policy of the more you pay the more you win and using virtual currency you can purchase the weapons and items for protection while in combat. They do however have an expiring date within a certain number of days.

The game has a total of eight servers and which channels the player uses is directly connected to the skill level of the player. The game will be difficult to keep up to date with the rate that computers are evolving technically and there are a few graphic and visual aspects that are poorly defined.

The audio is bar far the weakest point of MicroVolts and at times is not in sync with the game itself. The game is quite good fun to play but there are lots of improvements that can be made and one can only hope that the developers will do so. It is free to play and if you would like to have some light fun and relaxation MicroVolts is quite acceptable.

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