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Many are familiar with MP4 video formats but the minute MKV comes on sight, some freak out because not so many players especially on phone can support this format. MKVCleaver just does the work of extracting track from   Matroska file format. The prefix on the app’s name rings the bell that it works for Matroska file formats only! These include MKV, MKS, MKA and WebM.

MKVCleaver comes with a user friendly and highly intuitive interface that can be used by virtually anyone. Actually, everything is just self-explanatory with this app. MKV files can be loaded into the app by simply browsing them with the directory. If locating the file with the directory browser seems hectic, drag and drop features comes in handy!

After loading an MKV file onto the app, MKVCleaver will break it down to display the both the video as well as audio tracks. Where subtitles are available, they are also listed.  Before extraction, the output directory needs to be specified first. The app also gives the user the freedom to customize other settings such as the output file format plus other video options. It’s a handy video extraction app for users seeking flexibility.

One great feature with the app is that user can select a batch of files. Batch processing of files also comes with functionality of selecting the tracks required from all the files loaded on the app. For example, user can choose audio and video tracks, time codecs, attachments chapters and tags. Additionally, cue sheets can as well be selected if need be.

After MKVCleaver completes the MKV extraction, the app can either shutdown the computer. This, of course is customizable through settings. Variable frame rate as well as language codec of the MKV file can be detected. When it comes to speed, this MKV file extractor is one of the fastest. This is dependent on the number of files being extracted and file size, but on average, the app is fast enough.

Flexibility with the app is adorable. Users can easily manipulate the process of extraction, either on each file or as a whole. There are a couple of new features being worked on, such as workflow which will give users more power to interact with the extraction process. It’s a growing app and more features are released with every new version upgrade.

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Version Change log
MKVCleaver Oct 3, 2019 Changes:
Added user editable custom placeholders for file names.
Added option to disable save session dialog.
Compliant with MKVToolNix v17 and above.
MKVCleaver May 24, 2017 Changes:
Added [TrackType#] placeholder.
Added auto recovery when MKVCleaver hangs.
Added notification when MKVCleaver cannot connect to the Internet.
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