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MKVToolNix is not a new software in the market and many people are well aware of its existence. But most people are still using it to read MKV files’ properties. This software is capable to do much more than just telling the details about a particular file.

MKV stands for Matroska and it is a file format like AVI, MP4, etc. The difference between this and other formats is that MKV can carry numerous audio and video sources in one file. This is very beneficial whet the content is dubbed in various languages. This is preferred by most people because it embeds the subtitles as well.

The above discussion makes it easily understandable why someone will require a tool like MKVToolNix. Yes, people install this tool in their computer to easily manage various audio and video sources from one file. This software works the opposite way also, it can help you merge various audio and video sources into one file.

MKVToolNix can be very easily installed in your computer. It is being reminded again that this software is a set of tools and you can do multiple tasks with it. Firstly, mkvInfo is a small application which tells you all the details about a particular file. It is useful for a regular user only if he/she knows the way to read the output.

The prime app is MKVToolNix GUI, which on first glance looks a straightforward and simple app. This helps you to do simple tasks like splitting videos and saving files into MKV format and many advanced tasks which you might not have done till now. Some of the simple video options are also available, such as resolution, aspect ratio, cropping, and others. With this app, you can also add subtitles by just loading a file.

Another vital task which you can accomplish via MKVToolNix is inclusion of chapters, similar to the old DVD format. With a little practice, you will surely make a simple video file special.   

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Last versions of MKVToolnix
Version Change log
MKVToolnix 43.0.0 Jan 28, 2020 New features and enhancements:
MKVToolNix GUI: using one of the command line options `--info`, `--edit-headers` or `--edit-chapters` will make the GUI select the corresponding tool on startup even if no further file name is given. Implements #2723.
MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: added a setting in the preferences for changing the location of the MediaInfo executable for when the user accidentally selected the wrong one.
MKVToolnix 42.0.0 Dec 9, 2019 New features and enhancements:
mkvmerge: added an option for creating byte-identical files:
`--deterministic <seed>`. Part of the implementation of #2698.
mkvmerge: Matroska reader: mkvmerge will remove the `icpf` atom headers if they're present in frames read from Matroska files. Implements #2692.
MKVToolnix 41.0.0 Dec 9, 2019 New features and enhancements:
mkvmerge: Matroska reader: Vorbis tracks: stream comments (aka Vorbis
comments) will be converted to Matroska attachments (for cover arts) and
Matroska track tags (for other comments). Additionally the stream comments
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