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MP3 Quality Modifier is a clear-cut program that enables users to amend the quality of MP3 audio files. It enables archivists, music lovers and those with huge amounts of digital music files alter the quality in order to have more music using the least amount of disk space possible.

Immediately users open this program, they encounter a terse and to the point starters guide. The help menu gives more details on how to use and navigate the program, as well as more instructions on every function. The information sheet provides more information on the concepts such a bit rate and ID3 tags. The clean and insightful layout helps users understand the program faster.

MP3 Quality Modifier gives users the capability to upsample tracks, in order to improve the sound quality. It is able to sample frequency, convert the bit rate mode and convert audio files to mono, stereo and joint stereo and vice versa. The simple and direct layout of the software enables users to navigate quickly through the program.

The presets enable swift conversions of files at various levels for various needs. One has to simply drag and drop the MP3 files or playlists on the file list. MP3 Quality Modifier also supports MP1 and MP2 files. Once the file is dragged onto the list, information such as size, bit rate, interpret and name is automatically displayed.

One can select three main options of MP3 Quality Modifier, which are high quality, portable or low quality. The advanced options can select various configurations to suit their specific needs. It only takes a few seconds to convert the songs and the user is free to select the file destination. After conversion, one is able to see the comparison between the original and converted file.

Other key features include automatically keeping ID3 tags and folder structures. This excellent program is also multilingual and supports the following languages: German, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian. In addition, there are more supported languages including Chinese Mandarin. This brilliant software needs no installation because it is just one executable. This gives it more portability and simplicity in usage.

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MP3 Quality Modifier 2.53 Jun 15, 2013 Fixed wrong handling of slightly corrupt or very small MP3 files. Also added a confirmation question for the shutdown option.
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