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Multi Commander helps users manage and handle their files as well as their folders in an effective way. Although Microsoft has designed their windows and applications as well as their operating systems skillfully, some flaws still exist with file and data management. Multi Commander has come to change all these flaws and shortcomings. One of these flaws which exist in the design of Microsoft include the problem of being able to view only one folder at a time.

Multi Commander as the name implies functions in ensuring that users are able to perform many operations simultaneously. The application allows multiple viewing of many folders all within one window. It is possible to view close to four or five different folders all within one window. Not only does Multi Commander allow users to just view, it allows then to perform operations in all these windows simultaneously. Users can be copying files into one folder, while deleting files from another folder. All that you want to do to all the files which are being viewed at the same time can be done.

This software has many attractive features and it is obviously much better than having windows explorer 4. It starts very quickly on the computer and does not take time while loading. Multi Commander also has a potable version and so it can be accessed through virtualization using available virtualization software. It has a lot of stable plug-ins and does not crash easily like some other software of its kind.

One of its cons is that currently it exists only on widows and you cannot use it on Linux, iOS or Android applications.

Multi Commander has buttons beneath the open window where you can see folders and files that are customizable. These buttons can act as shortcuts to certain locations and drives on the system. This software is actually designed in such a way as to make it easy to navigate between files, locations and even windows and be able to manage files and data much more effectively.

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Last versions of Multi Commander
Version Change log
Multi Commander 10.2.0 B2743 Dec 16, 2020 FIXED - SaveToFile in right click command in logview now works again
FIXED - CheckSum extension now works again in None-Dark mode
FIXED - Tweaked some margin in the new ComboBox
FIXED - DeviceDropDown lost it font style sometimes.
FIXED - Create new UserDefinedCommand did not show up in the list
ADDED - Improved debug logging in some places
FIXED - 2 stability issues
Multi Commander 10.1.0 B2743 Dec 4, 2020 Support for XP have been discontinued for version v10+.
However there is a new v9.8 that still works on XP that contains the bugfixes for this release.
UserDefinedCommand windows can now search and filter commands.
Various high DPI issues fixes.
2 Stability Issues fixed.
Multi Commander 9.7.0 B2590 Apr 26, 2020 ADDED - New Language - Slovenian , created by Jadran Rudec
ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Run will now set the exitcode to $__CMDRESULT if WAIT option was used.
FIXED - Filesearch with date match had an UTC issue when comparing time
FIXED - MultiScript command GetXXXXXXSelectedFileNames()/GetXXXXXSelectedPaths() functions now support the option "IGNORE_FOCUS" that ignore fouce item if no items are selected.
FIXED - MultiScript command "NetWGET" tried to save to alternative when it should not.
FIXED - Fixed crash issue with WPD (Portable)
FIXED - Issue when copying from RESx/Flat view and selecting merge folders.
FIXED - 6 Stability Issues
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10.2.0 B27435

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