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Over the past few years, more and more VoIP applications have been emerging to replace the once popular Skype. And for good reasons – Skype has been delivering quite poor connection quality lately, which is so necessary when you need to maintain contact with your allies during tense games. Mumble is one of the new VoIP programs, and it has a number of remarkable features.

Mumble offers great functionality for both users and administrators. While players can enjoy secure, low-latency connection, administrators are able to create scripts to discover chat-command scripts and other undesired things.

Of course, Mumble has got all the necessary features to ensure clarity and quality during your conversations – the Opus codec ensures low latency, while noise suppression filters out the distractions in your background. However, there are a couple more interesting functions:

  • Automatic level equalization. This feature keeps the level of everyone’s mic input the same, meaning no more overly quiet or loud players.
  • Attenuation, which turns down the audio of other applications as soon as you or others start speaking.
  • Priority speakers. When a user assigned as a priority speaker speaks, all other users’ voiced get turned down in order for the priority speaker to be heard.

Another noteworthy feature of Mumble is positional audio. Positional audio allows you to hear your play-partners from the direction they are located within the game world. Unfortunately, not every game supports this, although most modern games will work with positional audio perfectly.

Mumble’s security is good as well. The software encrypts both messages and voice data, at the same time ensuring low latency. Besides, the default method for authentication in Mumble is based on certificates, which essentially are very long passwords. Because Mumble identifies users by their certificates, a friend added on one server will be still seen as a friend on another server, even if one’s using a different nickname. You could alternatively authenticate yourself via external user databases such as a forum, as well as with a password, which is actually not recommended.

We also almost forgot to add that Mumble has a widely customizable user interface with various layouts, custom coloring with skins, and more.

Mumble stands out from the variety of VoIP software created for gamers. It is completely free, unlike the now-popular Discord, it is open source, and, most importantly, it can deliver good audio quality. Not to mention other interesting features!

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Mumble 1.3.0 Sep 11, 2019 This change log lists changes from Mumble 1.2.19 to Mumble 1.3.0.
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Mumble 1.2.19 Feb 14, 2017 98cd156 Murmur: set detach=false for -limits (implies -fg).
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