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The MySQL Workbench is one of the best and the most interesting tool that provides integrated services of SQL development, Database Modeling and Designing,  Data Migration and Data Administration. Do you know that the Community OSS Edition is easily available for this particular page as per the GPL?

Basically, the MySQL Workbench is nothing but a simple and unified tool suitable for the database architecture, DBA, and the various developers. The MySQL Workbench tool has the unique feature of providing SQL development, data modeling, user administration, comprehensive tools for administration, back up, and the list goes on and on. It is even available in various OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.

Another extensive feature of the MySQL Workbench is the design. This design is the benchmark which enables the developer, DBA, data architect, etc to simply visualize the designs, generate the models, manage databases, etc. It even includes all the items which a data modeler would be requiring for creating a vigorous and complex ER model, reverse and forward engineering, and also assist in delivering most of the common features like doing the various complex documentation and change management tasks which often takes a lot of effort and time too.

In addition, the MySQL Workbench helps in delivering the basic visual tools for executing, optimizing and creating SQL queries. Yes! The SQL editor which is present in the tool gives the auto complete, highlighting of the color syntax, execution of the SQL history and reusing of the SQL snippets, etc. Also, the Data Connection Panel which is inbuilt in the MySQL Workbench helps the developers to greatly control the standard and complex database connections like the MYSQL Fabrics. Instant access to the objects and databases is what the Object Browser provides.

The MySQL Workbench even gives a visual console to the easily administration of the environments of MySQL and even assist in gaining the proper visibility of the databases. DBAs and the developers can even use the given visual tools for administering users, configuration of the servers, recovery and doing backup, viewing the health databases, checking out the audit data, and the list goes on and on.

Do you know that MySQL Workbench is the best visual performance dashboard? It helps in giving a suite or array of tools which can easily make improvisation in the performance of the MYSQL apps. The DBA would easily check out the key performance indicators with the help of the performance reports, performance dashboard, to provide the access to the IO hotspots, quick identifications, costly SQL statements, etc. Not to forget the one single click can assist developers to check out and look to optimize the queries using the easy and improved visual plan.   

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Last versions of MySQL Workbench
Version Change log
MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 B1331 Jul 30, 2018 Functionality Added or Changed:
Visual SQL editor: The context help has been enhanced to eliminate the requirement of having a valid MySQL connection to view the help topics. In addition, the help content now can be updated with each release of MySQL Workbench and the formatting of help topics has been improved. (Bug #25918509)
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 replaced version 4.5.2 as the minimum requirement for installing MySQL Workbench with MySQL Installer. (Bug #25837944)
All links to MySQL and Oracle web pages from within MySQL Workbench now use the HTTPS protocol. (Bug #25531365)
MySQL Workbench 6.3.10 B1209 Nov 20, 2017 FUNCTIONALITY ADDED OR CHANGED:
Support was added for many MySQL 8.0 features. Note that configuration-file support for MySQL 8.0 is not available and a warning banner is displayed during attempted use. (Bug #24908593, Bug #83422)
With MySQL 5.7, several new instruments were added to the performance section including the following for Memory Usage: Total Memory, Top Memory by Event, Top Memory by User, Top Memory by Host, Top Memory by Thread, User Resource Usage, and the following for User Resource Usage: Overview, I/O Statistics, and Statement Statistics. (Bug #21491775)
With MySQL 5.7, GTID_MODE can now be set online. (Bug #20712931)
MySQL Workbench 6.3.7 B1199 Jun 14, 2016 Functionality Added or Changed:
The Default target MySQL version model preference is now an open text field instead of a dropdown select box. For example, rather than choosing a version such as "5.7", you can now enter a specific version such as 5.7.12.
Bugs Fixed
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8.0.12 B1331129

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