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The MySQL is one of the best database system commonly used by the fastest and largest organizations like Google, Facebook, Zappos, Adobe, etc. This tool is commonly used in order to save money and time, so that one can power the high volume sites, packaged software, etc.

Since the MySQL is designed using the PHP, you can manipulate and connect the various databases. Basically, it is one of the most popular systems that uses the PHP software. To define MySQL, it is nothing but a database system that is commonly deployed on the web and can easily run on the server.

In addition, MySQL is applicable and best for large as well as small apps. Not only that it is very much reliable, quick, and quite easy to use. Here it uses the standard SQL procedures and coding and has the ability to compile on various platforms. Not only it is quite free to use but even for downloading too. The MySQL is created, supported and developed by the Oracle Corporation and the data present in the MySQL is usually stored in tables.

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Last versions of MySQL
Version Change log
MySQL 8.0.26 Jul 20, 2021
MySQL 8.0.24 Apr 20, 2021 Audit Log Notes:
MySQL Enterprise Audit now supports audit log file pruning, for JSON-format log files. See Space Management of Audit Log Files.
Compilation Notes:
GCC 10 is now a supported compiler for building MySQL on EL7 or EL8. This compiler is available in the devtoolset-10 (EL7) or gcc-toolset-10 (EL8) package. It is also recommended to use GCC 10 when building third-party applications that are based on the libmysqlclient C API library. (Bug #32381003)
Connection Management Notes:
Previously, if a client did not use the connection to the server within the period specified by the wait_timeout system variable and the server closed the connection, the client received no notification of the reason. Typically, the client would see Lost connection to MySQL server during query (CR_SERVER_LOST) or MySQL server has gone away (CR_SERVER_GONE_ERROR).
In such cases, the server now writes the reason to the connection before closing it, and client receives a more informative error message,
MySQL 8.0.23 Jan 18, 2021 Configuration Notes:
tcmalloc is no longer a permitted value for the mysqld_safe --malloc-lib option. (Bug #31372027)
Packaging Notes:
The libevent library bundled with MySQL was upgraded to version 2.1.11. In addition, for the WITH_LIBEVENT CMake option, the following two changes were made:
yes is no longer permitted as a synonym for system. Use system instead.
If system is specified but no system libevent is found, the bundled version is no longer used in place of the missing system library, and an error occurs instead.
Security Notes:
Incompatible Change: Access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FILES table now requires the PROCESS privilege.
This change affects users of the mysqldump command, which accesses tablespace information in the FILES table, and thus now requires the PROCESS privilege as well. Users who do not need to dump tablespace information can work around this requirement by invoking mysqldump with the --no-tablespaces option. (Bug #30350829)
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