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NetSetMan with its array of advanced features is your convenience for switching between pre-configured location-based network profiles.  It offers capability for creation of up to 6 network profiles. These make it easy to switch from one profile to another in a snap moment.

With NetSetMan, you can easily back up, transfer and upgrade to newer versions due to the manner of saving changes in separate files. Besides, the common network features such as IP address settings and WIFI are easily changed on the NetSetMan interface.

On the other hand, you can easily enable or disable a selected network status adapter using a simple status button. It is possible to enable an adapter at a time disabling all the other adapters, through creation of subprofiles for every adapter.

Capability for automatic creation of network adapter subprofiles for each of the listed network adapters through the menu item at the bottom of the adapter status menu gives you all the convenience you need. These are promptly set as status settings as required. Network adapter Management interface allows you to customize all your adapter needs on the list. Manual creation of subprofiles for each network adapter is equally easy if you have the time.

The advantage with NetSetMan is that you can be on several networks at the same time. You only need to tweak your configuration settings a bit to accommodate this.  You can tick boxes for all the networks you need to connect with in the listing order. Your list will have all compatible VPN profiles such as Open VPN, shrew and Cisco for your selection and connection.

For improved access and consistency of connection, NetSetMan compares   mapped network drives with the un-mapped to eliminate those that do not match in drive letter and location path.

NetSetMan is handy tool for adjusting your computer settings such as display mode, wall paper, screensaver, volume and power plan to suit your location.

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Last versions of NetSetMan
Version Change log
NetSetMan 4.7.2 Nov 9, 2019 Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1909
Fix: Buffer Overflow vulnerability in Workgroup feature
Fix: DEP key in WiFi Management was missing the last character
Fix: VPN profile recognition for some third party VPN clients
Fix: Accessing private VPN profiles with a restricted user account
Fix (Pro): Repeated license activation in some cases
Fix (Pro): Command line uninstallation with enabled NSM Administration
Fix (Pro): License deregistration issue in rare cases
NetSetMan 4.7.1 Mar 20, 2018 Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1803
Fix: Exception errors with new TCP/UDP-Connections feature on some systems
Fix: High-DPI adjustments for TCP/UDP-Connections toolbar and icons
Minor bug fixes and improvements
NetSetMan 4.6.1 Mar 20, 2018 Activation log shows assigned IP addresses when DHCP was set
Skipping activation of settings if they are currently already set
(To force re-initializing IP settings, set Adapter Status: Restart)
"Waiting for network" only if there are other settings following
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