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NVIDIA Inspector freeware

NVIDIA Inspector

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NVIDIA Inspector is software that has been developed primarily for the reading and interpretation of hardware and driver information for graphic cards under the label GeForce. It is a very handy application with amazing attributes that enables it to successfully meet the needs of users. This is an application that comes with an elegant and sleek user interface. Further, it is also very easy to use and may be used by anyone including armatures.

Hardware and graphic card information is important and worth knowing as it affects the overall performance of any computer. Thanks to NVIDIA Inspector, this information can easily be read and interpreted on behalf of computer users. Further, it also allows you to manipulate the graphic card performance by altering certain attributes of the card. Some of the most notable attributes of the card that you can alter using the software are the fan and clock speed thus facilitating better performance.

The hardware and graphic card information that is displayed by the software includes voltage, temperature and fan speed of the card adaptor. Other types of information that you can retrieve using the software include memory clock speed and any changes in the fan speed and the voltage. You can use the information to successfully extend the performance of your graphic card and enjoy multiple benefits including extended gaming time and expanded choices of games.

In the past, the software used to be close and thus not available for customization. But, it has since been transformed in the recent past. It is now open source software. Based on this, it is available for modification by anyone who has prior knowledge on the customization of software. Try your best to also keep up with the updates of the software in order to reap maximum performance from any of the upcoming versions of the software.

There is an added option that is meant for users who want to include predefined settings in each of the exported nip files. This makes the handling of the settings much more convenient. There is also the fixed image upload feature, which is found in all versions of the software including and beyond.

To get the best out of the software, it is a perfect idea to download it from the NVIDIA official website. This is mainly because it relies solely on NVIDIA drivers. Updates are also available once in a while on the official website.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of NVIDIA Inspector
Version Change log
NVIDIA Inspector Mar 24, 2020 R445.75 removed restricted settings to avoid errors
NVIDIA Inspector Jan 12, 2020 added ShowCustomizedSettingNamesOnly & ShowScannedUnknownSettings to …user settings
NVIDIA Inspector Nov 23, 2016 added "dpiAware" flag to support win8+ dpi scaling
avoid interupting status requests on optimus cards
show power usage in watts on main page if supported and nvml is available
added encoder usage to monitoring if supported and nvml is available
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