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This debugger is useful when the source code is not available and can be used in tracing registers, recognizing procedures, and location of routines from object files and libraries. It is absolutely free and there is no source code available with it. The user has to register himself with the author. It can be used only with Microsoft Windows. It is a safer platform and children can use it also. It has a user friendly interface and a user can increase its functionality with the help of third party plug-ins.

It is mostly used for reverse engineering of already developed programs. In other words, we can say that when we have to crack the software developed by any person, we use OllyDbg as a cracker. It is the first choice of any person who intends to do reverse engineering or crack the software. This is because of its being free and easily available. Any program developed on 32-bit can be edited and debugged through it. It is also very useful for programming purpose as it tells the programmers about the running of program as per their desire. It also helps them to detect any malware in their program.

The very first advantage of this program is its easy user interface. It needs no encrypted commands to run the program. It can directly load and also debug DLL’s. A user of this program can add its own comments and descriptions into it. Another very good thing about this program is that it does not require any installation but can be directly used from the folder where it is stored. Therefore, there is no trash of it in any folder of the system.

OllyDbg has the ability to debug applications with various threads and can attach these with the programs that are currently running. Its disassembler can be configured which supports almost all formats. It also can recognize the ASCII and UNICODE strings and also complex codes like calls. It can also decode calls to more than 1900 API’s and also provides help to API’s for functioning.

It also can search wrong codes and traces out the binary codes that are under the cover of right codes. During this searching, it scans all the allocated memory of the system. It has also the ability to modify the memory in case of any problem. Its commands are usually in the shortest possible form.

There are also some drawbacks of this program also. The first is that it is only available for 32-bit windows 7 and later. Secondly, there is no license and guarantee of any damage done to your system during operation.

Version 2.01 will finally work under 64-bit Windows.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Version Change log
OllyDbg 2.01 Oct 1, 2013 · Multi language GUI (experimental, as yet no translation files - please do it by yourself)
· Support for AVS instuctions (as yet no AVS2 and high 16 bytes of YMM registers are not displayed)
· Call stack window (similar to the version 1.10)
· Handles window (similar to the version 1.10)
· SEH and VEH chains. To decode addresses of VEH handlers, OllyDbg hacks NTDLL.RtlAddVectoredExceptionHandler(), therefore process must be started from the OllyDbg
· Multibyte character dumps
· udl image libraries, replace scan of object files from v1.10
· Search for integers and floats in dump
· Search for procedures (entry points)
· Limited support for NTFS streams
· Drive dump
· Software breakpoints that use INT1, HLT, CLI, STI or INSB instead of INT3
· Multiple watches in one line, support for repeat count
· Dump of arrays of structures
· Micro-analyzers
· Accelerated search
· Assembling of immediate data statements (DB xx etc.)
· Highlighting in run trace
· Up to 2 ordinals per address
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