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OpenWire is a free library which allows writing advanced VCL and FireMonkey components for rapid and codeless development. The components which we develop through this library allow creation of complex applications with the help zero lines given in the program code. It is the application which is available both for android and windows platform and is also in the beta testing for IOS.

The main purpose of OpenWire is to facilitate the transfer of data among VCL or various FireMonkey components. It works like LabView and HP VEE work. A user can build a program quickly with a sine wave generator which passes through different charts and serial communication and finally sends data to the other system. All this takes place very quickly. Its quickness lies in the fact that you do not have to write codes. The data is transferred by just building streams and connecting the output pins with input pins. The modern technology lying behind it pumps data from pin to pin with the help of a lot of threads. The use of multiple threads speeds up the data transfer process. Both the output and input pins are at the edges in the form of connectors.

Each data component in OpenWire has its own input and output which are called pins. The data in it is specified and each input pin sends the data of a particular format to output pin containing the same format. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that the output pin can handle data of different specification. It can connect with input pins containing various types of data.

Both the input and output pins create specific interface for different streams. There is a specific guide in every interface that is also specific with the stream. The connection of two pins is exactly like hand shaking. It only allows the specific pin to connect. The pins with other streams are rejected. There is also a property editor which allows the connection of pins. These pins can also be connected at the time of running the program.

The main disadvantage of this software is that there is no warranty given from the developers. They are also not responsible in case if any damage is done through these. This software is absolutely free both for individuals and commercial use with only one condition. This condition is never change the original source of the software by tempering or cheating.

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OpenWire 7.7 Nov 29, 2015 Added 10 Seattle support
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