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The OraBone is a dependable database Oracle management application and intended to relieve the work of the administrators of the Oracle database. It offers you with user-friendly surroundings for the exploring of the database contents, editing records and managing the tables.

This application lets both the direct connections and the clients. The requirement of the SID and the service name are important. That enables you to work with the multiple databases and simultaneously. This happens only through the help of the tab-based interface. It is very compatible and is of various Oracle servers and clients. Some of the Oracle servers and clients are the 10g, 12c, 9i, 11g, 8i, 7.3 and the 8.0 Express editions.

The OraBone presents tables in a well-organized manner which enables you to observe. It also helps you to create many types of functions. It helps you to make many procedures and many packages. It triggers and manages the constraints.  It indexes and removes the invalid objects and the users. The intuitive object browser lets the speedy navigation all through the database and the contents. It also provides many options for the customizing the columns of the tables, and the helps to insert some new rows. It also helps in removing the rows or even the existing ones. It also helps in exporting the data. It is an integrated SQL formatting tool and editor that features the syntax highlighting. The line numbering also enables you to write the execute queries and the statements. There is a document called the 'Schema Document' that allows you to handle the database and the schemas. It also comprises the tool and also does the comparison of the tools.

The option called as the searching option helps you to find a certain object within the database and the structure. Whereas the bookmarking and the navigation capabilities assists you to jump from one important part to the other important part. This application also can be used to recreate and modify the object very well. It helps you to remove the tables completely and also rename the tables again. It helps you to analyze the tables and also sets the access to the privileges. It also configures the constraints. It is a powerful open source database management Oracle. It is a reporting and a developing tool. It is a direct mode that is supported and is an Oracle client. It has the SQL formatter and the history browser that helps you see the history of what you have done. It has nearly 29 ready-made styles and is having many more properties. There are many companies that offer you for free. There are many websites that will help you to use the OraBone, and there are many diagrams and pictures that they show you and explain you with.  It has very fast and smooth data base access to all the programs. It has the Oracle management utilities and is easy to use. It is one of the main features of the Orabone and that make it worth trying.

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