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The Orbiter is the free and the realistic space flight simulation program for Windows personal computer. The Orbiter is the simulator, it provides you the idea what space of flight feels like not so much of distance. You can download this software free. Launch a space shuttle from the Kennedy space center and from the rendezvous with an international space station. Recreate the historical flights with the addon spacecraft packages such as Gemini, Mercury, Vostok, Apollo and more other spacecraft package. Plan the interplanetary slingshots as well as tour a solar system with the futuristic spacecraft. You can design your own rockets as well as you can download the addons that created by the other users. You can learn completely about concepts of the space flight and the orbital mechanics by a playing and a experimenting.

The Orbiter is the space flight simulator, cross in between the conventional personal computer flight simulator and the planetarium or the astronomy program. This program features the accurate physics, excellent three-dimensional graphics and first person of astronaut perspective. Aimed at the space and physics related recreation and education, the orbiter is not the typical personal computer game. There is no a weapon, scores or explosions in orbiter. Orbiter is educational but also more fun. With the MS slight simulator and same civilian flight sim software, a fun in the orbiter comes in the more forms. You may enjoy a beautiful solar system scenery; carry out the long or short flights, the landing or orbiting on the planets and the moons; the master intricacies of the rendezvous as well as docking; you can re enter as well as land a space shuttle.

The Orbiter operates more like flight simulator. You can have simulated cockpit with the multi function of display and the other controls. You may use joystick for the atmospheric flight in the airplane like a spacecraft but the basic control of spacecraft done with numeric keypad. The orbiter comes with the several constant spacecraft that includes shuttle Atlantis and more available as a free add ons. This is pretty ride, it will permit you to learn about all basic and the advanced orbital maneuvers you can need. It has mouse active instrument panels and the hover engines.

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