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Panda Cloud Antivirus is a free cloud-based antivirus. It is engineered around collective intelligence, featuring a unique and effective methodology of detecting virus. This antivirus runs constantly to provide protection against malicious programs, websites, and Trojans. In addition, it is capable of detecting malware, spyware and root kits. One of its most outstanding features is the capability to detect potential harm from a distance. This gives Panda Cloud Antivirus enough time to act and gauge the seriousness of the threat. It categorizes the threats into three groups. From there, users can take action and decide what they would like to do with the threats.

Another great feature is security. The constant collection and analyzing of virus ensures users are protected around the clock. Panda Cloud Antivirus also facilitates secure online transactions. This means there are no worries of having hackers infiltrate and access personal information. The firewall ensures hackers and spammers are kept at bay. Panda Cloud Antivirus is lightweight software. It only works where and when it is needed. This means it does not constantly consume user’s system resources. Even when it is running, Panda Cloud Antivirus runs silently on the background and leaves light footsteps. It is even difficult to notice sometimes that it is running.

In connection to collective intelligence, Panda Cloud Antivirus normally uses an internet connection to update its information. However, there are some cases where users may not have an internet connection; this is where it uses a local cache, to access the most common threats. This is effective and enhances protection of the system. This antivirus features a clean and neat interface that is easy to interpret and navigate. The application control features lets one use the programs they and applications they trust. This is a great security enhancement and ensures total protection. The behavioral analysis ensures that the user’s patterns are carefully followed. This ensures better and more effective protection.

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Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 18.0.0 Nov 16, 2016
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