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The Panda USB Vaccine is a free and easy to use antimalware tool which helps in preventing the attack of malware from spreading across the USB devices. Nowadays, there are countless types of malware and they are increasing their attacks on PCs and systems. Some of them like Conficker worm are quite dangerous and spread through removable drives and devices like MP3 Player, digital cameras, memory sticks, etc.

In order for the Panda USB Vaccine, the malicious codes have to modify the AutoRun data and files present on the devices. Basically, the Panda USB Vaccine is simple and effective solution for protecting the devices from various threats. There is a double layer of protection which allows users to disable the current AutoRun feature present in the computer as well on various devices and USB drives.

Frankly, the Panda USB Vaccine can be considered as vaccines for computers. This particular vaccines help in preventing the AutoRun files from working or running with regard to whether the particular memory stick or CD or device has got infected or not. In addition, the Panda USB Vaccine can be considered as a efficient vaccine for the removable USB devices thereby preventing the given AutoRun files from getting infected. Now the tool disables the file so the given file cannot be replaced or modified or read by the malicious or infected code.

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