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The PEStudio is a code investigator tool that looks for anomalies in 32 bit and 64 bit executable files. Hackers and con people are trying newer way to invade personal computer security. It is no wonder that they will be trying to host their ill programs into reputed ones. The PEStudio helps you by quickly check the executable files for such anomalies and keep your computer and personal safety intact.

The PEStudio aims at detecting those malicious programs that behaves like a good program. It uses scores, indicators and trust to give you complete report on any new program you want to use and run on your computer. Functionally the PEStudio is capable of performing different functions together. For instance as a indicator the PEStudio will show you nice results of its analysis using different view formats and types with severity scale. It will list up the potential anomalies with their class information and will also let you know how to customize them to stay safe. It accounts every single aspect of a program.

Next for virus detection the PEStudio’s antivirus technology will analyze the program’s MD5 file to gauge the file risk status. This feature is powered with the VirusTotal service. Then for importing and exporting the PEStudio has different capabilities based library system which blacklist the processes initiated by a malware; like registry, thread, file, process etc.

The real mastery of PEStudio is in its dealing capabilities of the executable files. The program can analyze those files to their distinct individual elements irrespective of their forms, so they get nothing to hide. It can also deal with different compression technologies so if any executable program has any compressed component then it will also get analyzed. For reporting the analysis, the PEStudio uses XML output and available in both the graphical and command line based interface. Advanced users can use the program as their SDK. Download the PEStudio now, it is free here. 

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Version Change log
PeStudio 8.73 Feb 5, 2018 Add functions groups to the strings View
Extend functions groups to the delay-loaded functions
PeStudio 8.70 Nov 27, 2017 Expose the indicators id number in the output XML file
Extend grouping of utilities
Extend grouping of imports by types and colors
PeStudio 8.69 Nov 6, 2017 Add grouping of imports by types and colors
Extend strings "hint" detection and mapping
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