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PhotoScape is a tool that makes photo lovers dreams comes true. It gives a user the capability to produce the best photos ever. This tool contains awesome features like the editor. This feature enables users do so things like photo resizing. This means if the photo is too small or too big one you can give it the size per your need. It is possible to increase or decrease the brightness of a photo. In addition, it is possible to adjust the color and white balance.

One can correct the backlight of the photo because most times it spoils photos. Users can add frames to photos and this gives a nice and unique look. PhotoScape also lets one edit many photos at once and this happens using the Batch editor. With PhotoScape, one can combine multiple photos vertically or horizontally to come up with one final collage photo. This is possible through the Combine feature. Animated GIF allows one to use multiple photos to create a main animated photo. With Page, it is possible to merge multiple photos on the same page frame to create one big photo. Rename enable one to change photo file names in batch mode. View allows users to view photos in their respective folders and create a slideshow.

With this software, one can never have a bad photo. This is because it refines and removes flaws in the photo. PhotoScape red eye removal and this means that there should be no worries about taking photos in dark areas or at night. This is because this software removes the red eye effect. This tool is very interesting and full of fun because users can also add words in the photo and draw pictures in the photo. It allows rubbing or deleting anything unwanted from the photo and this means that users can change the appearance of the photo in whichever way they want.

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PhotoScape 3.7 Sep 30, 2014 Added 'Black & White' and 'Bandicoot' filters (Editor > Home)
Added a 'Smart Blur' brush (Editor > Tools > Effect Brush)
Brush sizes increase from 3 to 4 and become bigger.
Added 29 more film effects so totally 35 film effects now. (Editor > Home)
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