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PMD (Programming Mistake Detector) is an open source static source code analyzer that reports on issues found within application code. PMD includes built-in rule sets and supports the ability to write custom rules. PMD does not report compilation errors, as it only can process well-formed source files. Issues reported by PMD are rather inefficient code, or bad programming habits, which can reduce the performance and maintainability of the program if they accumulate.

Using PMD we can detect the common possible flaws:

  1. Naming Conventions
  2. Unused variables, parameters
  3. High Cyclomatic Complexity
  4. DML Operations within loop
  5. SOQL In Loops
  6. Test Class without Asserts
  7. Sharing Violations

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Last versions of PMD
Version Change log
PMD 6.20.0 Dec 3, 2019 Fixed Issues:
#2092: [apex] ApexLexer logs visible when Apex is the selected language upon starting the designer
#2136: [apex] Provide access to underlying query of SoqlExpression
#2002: [doc] Issue with linking to a gambling Web site
#2062: [core] Shortnames parameter does not work with Ant
#2090: [ci] Release notes and draft releases
#2096: [core] Referencing category errorprone.xml produces deprecation warnings for InvalidSlf4jMessageFormat
#1861: [java] Be more lenient with version numbers
#2105: [java] Wrong name for inner classes in violations
#2016: [java] UnusedImports: False positive if wildcard is used and only static methods
#1362: [java] LinguisticNaming flags Predicates with boolean-style names
#2029: [java] UnnecessaryFullyQualifiedName false-positive for non-static nested classes
#2098: [java] UnnecessaryFullyQualifiedName: regression / false positive
#2075: [java] ImmutableField fa
PMD 6.18.0 Sep 15, 2019 New and noteworthy:
Java 13 Support:
This release of PMD brings support for Java 13. PMD can parse Switch Expressions with the new yield statement and resolve the type of such an expression.
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