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POP Peeper is a secured email notifier that alerts you when you have a new message in your email accounts. Most of its features are free but has Pro and Plus Pack paid options for when you need extra features like a spell checker and web integration.

Features and Functions

This email notifier runs on Windows taskbar and is compatible with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. You can send emails directly from POP Peeper. This email client uses rich text or full HTML for added security and password protection. It offers the standard security measures including SSL and Oath2 for peace of mind.

Spellcheck your messages in real-time and on demand. The correct spelling is selected via right-click menu. You can personalize the dictionary to add your own words and choose a sound to alert you when you misspell words. The dictionary default language is English but you can download other languages as well including Dutch, English, French, Greek and Italian. Disable Spellcheck if you don’t want to use it.

The powerful AntiJunk feature filters your email messages. It separates junk from important messages by categorizing emails. It uses tools such as Bayesian learning, URL blacklist, DNS blacklist White/Black list to identify spammers, allow domains and identify junk mail. By default, all junk mail will not be displayed in your inbox but you will be alerted when you receive spam mail. There are convenient buttons and shortcuts you can use to mark messages as junk or automatically delete them.

Move messages to another IMAP folder on a server of your choice using a button on the toolbar. You can create, delete and change email folders as you wish. POP Peeper remembers the last server used for convenient retrieval. The profile picture plugin automatically displays the sender’s picture. It retrieves pictures from Facebook, Google+ and Gravatar or you can manually assign your favorite pictures to message senders.

It has a lot of notification options including:

•             Tray icon displays the color and number of new messages received

•             Windows pop-up indicates messages in all your email accounts

•             BaloonTip display the subject and sender of messages

•             Flashing scroll-lock Num-lock LED lights every time you receive a new message

•             Sound notification can be customized with a sound for each email account

•             Voice notification announces the new message sender and subject

•             There are optional downloads like Skin Notifier, Snarl and Chime as well. Mostly in paid options.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10

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Last versions of POP Peeper
Version Change log
POP Peeper 4.5.1 May 11, 2017 Fix: cacert-full.pem wasn't always being used when it should ("self signed certificate in certificate chain"; imap.gmx.net)
Fix: Certain IMAP servers (Orange) do not support the "special-use" extended flag correctly (resulting in no folder listing and error when deleting email as messages could not be moved to the trash folder)
Fix: Certain IMAP servers (AOL/AIM) may include NULL characters in text response which caused POP Peeper to parse the response incorrectly (note: AOL subsequently fixed this issue)
Fix: POP Peeper may not report an error if IMAP server disconnected during login
POP Peeper 4.5 May 11, 2017 Per-account limit for the number of messages retrieved (POP3/IMAP); this setting is on the "Advanced" page for each account
Ini file encryption: The ini file can be encrypted with a user-supplied key; see help for more information
The "View HTML" banner when reading a message now displays full html (images) when engaged; this removes the need to double-click twice (except when the message is evaluated as Junk)
The "Smart view" combobox on the "View messages" Options page is now an "Advanced" setting
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