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Portable KiTTY freeware

Portable KiTTY

Version: | Size: 0.73 MB | Filename: kitty_portable.exe
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The Portable KiTTY is operable and portable software to provide free SSH, Telnet and Re-login client for the 32 bit operating systems. This software could be used as a portable app, which could be used to connect and interconnect systems with additional features and functionalities. Mainly this software is provided for the business users to make use of secured authentication protocols, servers and the client modules to transfer important and essential data from one end user to another end user without any kind of termination, disconnection or conflicts in the connected network and the encrypted internet access.

This Portable KiTTY is a lightweight Telnet client, which helps all the users to handle the server and SSH client for the windows and other supported platforms, and thereby provides a secure success to connect systems and the networks with one another with simple authentications and authorities. Being the simple and portable version of the client, this software is greatly striving towards the provision of the best encryption and authentication services to all the people. This software also integrates the server and client protocols to the terminal emulators.

With the help of Terminal Emulators, all the users who are getting interconnected with one another could be able to view and to get details about the numbers of users getting interconnected with the remote systems, the number of users available online and offline, information about the number of data and information sent as encrypted and received as decrypted. This encryption and decryption process helps the people to make use of the secure transfer process in all means. With a support to all the updated platforms of 32 bit versions, this Portable KiTTY software could be used as portable software for free.

With several additional facilities and features, the Portable KiTTY software also helps the users to get provided with the support to portability, sessions filter, URL hyperlinks, predefined command shortcuts, session launcher, automatic logon scripts, remote session run commands, and several integrations. With these simple and technical features, this SSH client software also provides support for the graphical features such as the Transparency, Roll-up, Visibility, configuration box, and so on. Thus, in a very portable way, this Portable KiTTY helps the users to get interconnected with additional support integrations and secure authentications.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Portable KiTTY
Version Change log
Portable KiTTY May 2, 2021 fix: issue with configuration file in portable mode
Portable KiTTY Apr 20, 2021 fix: Unable to open file in editor with CTRL+SHFT_F2
Portable KiTTY Apr 17, 2021 fix: Unable to open file in editor with CTRL+SHFT_F2
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